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Ukrainian dancers perform outside of the Sts. Vladimir & Olga Metropolitan Cathedral on Easter Sunday.

Red River exceeds expected crest

04/21/2014 12:08 AM 0

River levels in Winnipeg fluctuated on Easter Sunday as Red River floodwaters pushed up against ice in the city and began to move it downstream.

The Red in Winnipeg rose from 16.6 feet above normal winter ice levels at James Avenue ......


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    @WinnipegNews: Anti-junta Myanmar journalist Win Tin dies at 85 wfp.to/Jnq 12:34 am on Apr 21

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    @WinnipegNews: Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster wfp.to/Jnr 12:20 am on Apr 21

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    @WinnipegNews: Sharks take 2-0 series lead with 7-2 win vs. Kings wfp.to/JnB 12:00 am on Apr 21

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    @WinnipegNews: Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners wfp.to/JOi 6:52 pm on Apr 20

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    @WinnipegNews: Country music singer Kevin Sharp dies at age 43 wfp.to/JOW 6:52 pm on Apr 20

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    @WinnipegNews: Kevin Martin says goodbye with a win wfp.to/JOC 6:52 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: The Red River has exceeded its predicted crest and is sitting at 18.9 feet James. Was supposed to max out later this week at 18.75 feet. 6:42 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Transcript reveals confusion over ferry evacuation wfp.to/JOy 6:14 pm on Apr 20

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    @WinnipegNews: Blackhawks try to regain footing without Seabrook wfp.to/JOj 5:38 pm on Apr 20

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    @WinnipegNews: Liverpool closes in on Premier League title wfp.to/JO6 5:38 pm on Apr 20

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    @WinnipegNews: Red River rises, recedes in a hurry wfp.to/JON 4:32 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Native leaders don't want kids tracked wfp.to/JO0 4:16 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: Ice is moving on Red in Winnipeg, level has dropped almost half a foot in less than an hour. Now 17.7 James. 3:50 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: City of Winnipeg: Rapid rise on Red due to ice cover; now loosening up. No need to protect additional properties; will update Monday. 3:18 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: Provincial flood update calls for crest in Winnipeg of up to 18.8 feet on Tuesday or Wednesday, but Red in Winnipeg already 18.1 feet. 3:06 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: Due to high water in Winnipeg, province will divert more of the Assiniboine River's flow into Lake Manitoba for 3 or 4 days. 3:05 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Train derailment disrupts traffic on Highway 75 wfp.to/JOS 2:48 pm on Apr 20

  • eascpaul

    @eascpaul: St. Norbert train derailment sends 5 cars off tracks next to Hwy 75.CN crews cleaning up spilled non-toxic plastic pellets. Detour area. 2:23 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Flooding forces evacuation of seniors from care home wfp.to/JOo 1:50 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Former boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter dies wfp.to/JOQ 1:16 pm on Apr 20

  • bkives

    @bkives: The Red River in Winnipeg has spiked up to 17.9 feet James, which is 0.9 feet below the 2013 crest and 6.6 feet below the 1997 crest. 1:01 pm on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Ukraine, Russia trade blame for shootout in east wfp.to/JO1 12:20 pm on Apr 20

  • PaulWiecek

    @PaulWiecek: Jennifer Jones completes a dream season with her 5th Players Championship, defeating Rachel Homan 5-2 in the final. 11:28 am on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Police investigate city's 7th homicide wfp.to/JOH 9:54 am on Apr 20

  • WinnipegNews

    @WinnipegNews: Families of Calgary victims ask for privacy wfp.to/JO7 9:46 am on Apr 20

  • KevinRollason

    @KevinRollason: The teen was found on road with upper body injuries. Died at hospital. Other teen critical condition. Police not releasing more details. 9:35 am on Apr 20

  • KevinRollason

    @KevinRollason: Winnipeg police say there was a homicide last night at Salter and Dufferin. 17 year old male dead and 18 yr old injured 9:33 am on Apr 20


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