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Brawl broke out near Jefferson and Adsum last night. 20 y/o man taken to hospital w/ serious injuries. Investigation continues.

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Quarantine lifted

Liberian residents celebrate on the streets Saturday outside of West Point that have been  re-opened after being barricaded by Liberian security forces to stop all movement the past week in a attempt to control the Ebola outbreak in Monrovia. Liberia says it will open up a slum in its capital where thousands of people were barricaded to contain the spread of Ebola. Information Minister Lewis Brown says lifting the quarantine Saturday morning will not mean there is no Ebola in the West Point Slum.

Super-speeders in the crosshairs

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It's dark and muggy when Cpl. Mark Hume gets out of his cruiser, wades through a haze of bugs swarming around his headlights and approaches the white Corvette.

It's a short walk he's made thousands of times along the side of ......

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