August 4, 2015

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Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 11:11 am

Radstrom: not aware of any studies showing increased property assessments from 1st phase of BRT #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Aug 4 11:04 am

Two-game set announced for Manitoba Moose

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 11:03 am

Radstrom: BRT will serve 4 new developments - Parker, Fort Rouge Yards, Sugarbeet, U of M's Southwood land. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 11:01 am

Radstrom: BRT designed to serve existing & future development. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:58 am

Radstrom cross examinations begins, starting w/lawyer James Mercury, represents property owners to be expropriated. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

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