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Dan Robson, co-writer of Clint Malarchuk's The Crazy Game, penning bio of the late Pat Quinn, to be released by Viking in 2015.

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Foggy morning

Foggy conditions as seen at Lombard  Avenue at Main Street Monday morning. Warm weather is expected to continue this week.

All about beating Tories: Oswald

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Making it clear she fears a Progressive Conservative government after the next provincial election, Theresa Oswald addressed her supporters Sunday as she launched her NDP leadership campaign.

Tourism and Culture Minister Ron Lemieux and former education minister Nancy Allan flanked her ......

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    Scott Gibbons: "We've written many stories over the years about the plight of the homeless. The challenge for writer Randy Turner was to dig deeper and show that there is hope on the horizon."

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    Peppermint bark

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    Impreza impresses

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    Bartley Kives offers another holiday favourite starring Premier Selinger and Theresa Oswald.

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    City Beautiful

    A three-part series on how architecture shaped Winnipeg's DNA

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