October 9, 2015


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Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Oct 9 3:06 pm

Now Everett accused of killing Selena Keeper, the woman who feared for her safety and asked for restraining order in May but was denied.

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Oct 9 3:05 pm

The accused killer told judge just in April he's ready to "go legit" following latest conviction, review of court record shows.

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Oct 9 3:05 pm

Winnipeg man accused of killing GF who sought protection order, was denied, has FASD, ADHD, cocaine addiction, gang ties, long record.

Kristin Annable | @kristinannable

Oct 9 2:36 pm

Officials told these women they didn't expect this many ppl to come for advance polls. Voters waiting over an hr pic.twitter.com/WiyvqF4Y4J

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Oct 9 1:49 pm

More info from protection order filed by Wpg's latest homicide victim against man now accused of killing her: She recently had baby.

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