Hardcore Fringers — I Respect You!

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If you don't know about hardcore Fringers, let me tell you about them.

They are amazing. Thousands of us will go to perhaps one or two Fringe shows, and at least that many will check out the free stage in Old Market Square. That's cool and all, but we're not in the same league as the Hardcore Fringer. They are the reason our Fringe is so kick-ass.

Here's what they do:

They make a comprehensive schedule of all the plays/shows they want to see. Often there is even a spreadsheet detailing what they are planning on seeing each day. Before this is done, the program is researched from cover to cover and back again.

Some days they'll manage to fit in five shows in a day. Holidays are taken to free up more time to Fringe. They know what companies have a good history of great shows, and they know who has done well in other festivals.

They don't leave things to chance by showing up five minutes before a show. Their programs are dotted with various notes. I love these people. They know what they like, and they go after it.

They are as much a part of Winnipeg's Fringe Festival as the shows themselves. I have great respect for them. Fringe on! hardcores. You're awesome