The Bombers take over Old Dutch...

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We took a break from all the Pacman Jones talk at Canad Inns Stadium this afternoon and took a tour of the Old Dutch factory. Good times.

We rolled up with about 1500 lbs of Blue Bomber O–line, some fullback muscle, and kicker Alexis Serna for good measure. That is a fascinating place. They make chips 24 hours a day. The potatoes just keep rolling down the chute. It’s an unstoppable mega force of chipdom.

I learned three important things today. All the potatoes that Old Dutch uses here are grown in Manitoba. They use thousands of tons of canola oil...all from the Altona area. The plant still requires a high number of hands–on workers as it is not fully automated like some of its’ other plants. This means jobs. Lots of ’em. We met a bunch of staff and they were all super nice and happy to have us. If you’re going to eat chips, eat Old Dutch. Think globally, eat chips locally.