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Dressed to kill

A look at the (by no means exhaustive) evolution of the female action hero during the last 40 years.

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November 24, 2014

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Westview Dance Club 2014 Registration and Dance

Come Dance With Us Dance Season Begins Soon! Don’t Miss Out! Do you want to learn to social ballroom dance? Are you a fan of Dancing With the Stars and So You Think ...

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  • Uptown

    WAFF finds a permanent home and looks to nurture next generation of filmmakers

  • Movies

    Blood? Gore? Check... Great makeup? Check... Scary? Eh, not so much

  • Dining Out

    Combo platters deliver lots of food, lots of choice

  • Watching TV

    Americans didn't trust Soviet boss, but TV loved him

  • Arts & Life

    Portlandia on the plate: wry sketch comedy's creators cook up serious, handmade (of course) recipes in new recipe book

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