February 13, 2016


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Interactive puzzles are no longer available.

We are investigating alternative options and will bring back interactive puzzles if we find a suitable digital product.

In the meantime, if you are a Winnipeg Free Press subscriber, you can print puzzles in our E-Edition.

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Feb 12 10:18 pm

Two hearts joined by surgery wfp.to/zQb

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Feb 12 9:42 pm

Curling is extremely resistant to change, for better or worse wfp.to/zQK

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Feb 12 8:42 pm

City's priciest home will set you back $11 million wfp.to/zQs

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Feb 12 8:36 pm

Car sales sizzling wfp.to/zQf

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Feb 12 7:06 pm

Death becomes her: Women breaking through death-care gender barrier wfp.to/zQg