August 4, 2015

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Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:47 am

Radstrom: route thru Parker lands like 'threading a needle' b/c of underground infrastructure. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:44 am

Radstrom now goes thru the 33 individual expropriations needed for BRT route. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:37 am

Radstrom: Pembina Jubilee Underpass to be widened to 3 lanes both ways, new wider sidewalks on both sides. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:28 am

Radstrom: dog-leg route cheaper to build, needs fewer property expropriations, can better accommodate AT paths. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 10:22 am

Radstrom: controversial dog-leg route recommended by Dillon consulting following review of several route options. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

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