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  • Marc Roy required immediate care for glaucoma.

    Sight saved

    10/3/2014 10:06 AM 0
  • Dr. Tracie Afifi is one of Canada's leading mental health researchers.

    Making connections

    08/5/2014 11:33 AM 0
  • From left, Drs. Francis Lin, Paul Komenda (holding a machine used to analyze white blood cells), Claudio Rigatto (holding a smartphone attached to a card reader), and Michael Zhang, holding a model of the 'lab on a chip'.

    Small wonder

    05/30/2014 1:56 PM 0

Healthy Eating

  • While many people will spend time comparing prices to find the best deal, they often overlook something that is actually more important: the nutritional value of the food they buy.

    Bang for your buck

    10/3/2014 10:14 AM 0
  • Most adult Canadians need between 25 and 38 grams of fibre a day.

    Fantastic fibre

    08/5/2014 11:08 AM 0
  • Food-borne illness, also known as food poisoning, occurs when a person gets sick from eating food that has been contaminated with harmful bacteria, parasites or viruses.

    Are you food smart?

    05/30/2014 2:08 PM 0

Active Living

  • The trick to making a home fitness circuit work is to find things to do that you and your kids will actually enjoy.

    ABCs of fitness

    10/3/2014 10:16 AM 0
  • Injuries to the shoulder from playing tennis are much more common than people realize.

    Your serve

    08/5/2014 11:36 AM 0
  • Charlie Baldock, 3, navigates a row of wood stumps at FortWhyte Alive.

    Go for it!

    08/5/2014 11:11 AM 0


  • When we are not able to accept ourselves, we live with the weight of constant self-criticism.

    Accept yourself

    10/3/2014 10:21 AM 0
  • There are ways to strengthen your spiritual self and, in turn, have a positive effect on your overall well-being.

    Spirituality and mental health

    08/5/2014 10:42 AM 0
  • While the trend for young adults to remain living at home is not totally new, it has parents wondering what's up and social researchers examining the trend.

    The long goodbye

    05/30/2014 2:15 PM 0

Health Matters

  • The Winnipeg Health Region has joined forces with the Manitoba Institute of Patient Safety, the Manitoba Society of Pharmacists, the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, and the Long Term Care Association of Manitoba to stage a series of information sessions this fall.

    Managing your meds

    10/3/2014 10:24 AM 0
  • How much sleep your child needs is based on age.

    How much sleep does your child need?

    10/3/2014 10:10 AM 0
  • The Family Doctor Finder website, unveiled last spring, joins a phone line already used by people seeking a primary-care provider.

    Looking for a doctor?

    08/5/2014 11:17 AM 0

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