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  • Dr. Mike Ellis

    Heads up

    04/8/2014 2:13 PM 0
  • Moderately-intense exercise while pregnant, in most cases, is safe and encouraged to support a healthy pregnancy.

    Fit to be pregnant

    04/8/2014 2:01 PM 0
  • Emergency physician Dr. Carolyn Snider doesn't want to treat and street youthful victims of violence.

    Emergency intervention

    09/3/2013 2:35 PM 0

Research & Innovation

  • From left, Drs. Francis Lin, Paul Komenda (holding a machine used to analyze white blood cells), Claudio Rigatto (holding a smartphone attached to a card reader), and Michael Zhang, holding a model of the 'lab on a chip'.

    Small wonder

    05/30/2014 1:56 PM 0
  • Dr. Chris Anderson and his colleagues are able to gain new insights into the nature of neurodegenerative disorders such as head trauma, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease - and how they might be treated or even prevented.

    Brain matters

    05/30/2014 1:54 PM 0
  • A snapshot of a cancer cell. Proteins called BNIP3 (represented by the red dots) are found in the DNA (blue) and mitochondria (green) within a cell. When starved of oxygen, the BNIP3 within a cell can trigger a process that leads to cell death.

    Targeting cancer

    04/8/2014 2:32 PM 0

Healthy Eating

  • Food-borne illness, also known as food poisoning, occurs when a person gets sick from eating food that has been contaminated with harmful bacteria, parasites or viruses.

    Are you food smart?

    05/30/2014 2:08 PM 0
  • Healthy Child Manitoba Office, Dial-a-Dietitian, Healthy Start for Mom and Me, and the Winnipeg Health Region have teamed up to update guidelines that provide parents with the information they need when their babies make the transition to solid food.

    Dinner time!

    05/30/2014 2:00 PM 0
  • You don't have to be a

    Cooking from scratch

    04/8/2014 2:07 PM 0

Active Living

  • Going to the gym for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don't have a trainer or a friend to show you how the machines and fitness stations work.

    Working it out

    05/30/2014 2:06 PM 0
  • test

    05/28/2014 5:01 PM 0


  • Cross-country skiing is a great activity for any age. It is a life-long sport that is easy on the joints.

    Going for good health

    02/21/2014 3:23 PM 0


  • While the trend for young adults to remain living at home is not totally new, it has parents wondering what's up and social researchers examining the trend.

    The long goodbye

    05/30/2014 2:15 PM 0
  • There are many different kinds of relationships, from intimate partnerships to those with family members, friends, and colleagues, to name a few.

    5 ways to build a healthy relationship

    04/8/2014 2:17 PM 0
  • During the tween years, parents need to be a stable and consistent support.

    A guide to the 'tween' years

    11/13/2013 10:55 AM 0

Health Matters

  • Although immunization is recommended, many children get measles each year because they have not been vaccinated.

    Measles alert

    05/30/2014 2:10 PM 0
  • A task force that includes members of Winnipeg's business community and health and social service organizations has come up with a 10-year plan to end homelessness.

    Call to action

    05/30/2014 2:04 PM 0
  • This muscle has responsibilities to uphold, and neglect and injury can lead to devastating effects on the function of that muscle and the body as a whole.

    Dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction

    04/8/2014 2:10 PM 0

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