September 4, 2015

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Nick Martin | @NickMartin14

Sep 4 8:31 am

Erin Selby declares her federal candidacy

Nick Martin | @NickMartin14

Sep 4 8:27 am

Still waiting for Erin Selby to say she is running

Nick Martin | @NickMartin14

Sep 4 8:26 am

Erin Selby says Dan Vandal a good guy but only NDP can stop Harper

Nick Martin | @NickMartin14

Sep 4 8:23 am

Erin Selby says she won two provincial elections when people told her she had no chance

Larry Kusch | @lrkusch

Sep 4 8:22 am

Erin Selby speaks to supporters in St. B.-St V, says she's in the race to stop Stephen Harper.

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