July 7, 2015

McNeill, Murray


After 18 years as a plough jockey in training, Murray left the farm and moved to the big city (Winnipeg). The plan was to work for a year to save up money to go to university and become a conservation officer.

Then he heard a different call of the wild and decided he’d rather be a journalist. So he got a job as a copy boy at the former Winnipeg Tribune and the following year, at the green age of 19, he somehow got hired as an intern reporter for the summer.

At the end of the summer, he was hired full-time as a general assignment reporter. After nearly eight years, during which he also worked as a police, courts and universities reporter, Southam Newspapers had the gall to fold the Trib and toss him and his fellow workers out on their ears.

Six months later, he was hired as a police/court reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press. After stints on the police, courts, legislature and general assignment beats, Murray joined the Freep’s business department in the late 1980s, where he remains to this day.

You can usually find Murray poring over Statistics Canada data, talking to business people, and harassing real-estate industry types. And after more than 35 years (yikes!) in the business, still livin’ the dream.

Murray is married with three children who aren’t children any more.

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