August 2, 2015

Lett, Dan


Dan Lett came to Winnipeg in 1986, less than a year out of journalism school.

Despite the fact that he’s originally from Toronto and has a fatal attraction to the Maple Leafs, Winnipeggers let him stay.

In the following years, he has worked at bureaus covering every level of government – from city hall to the national bureau in Ottawa.

He has had bricks thrown at him in riots following the 1995 Quebec referendum, wrote stories that helped in part to free three wrongly convicted men, met Fidel Castro, interviewed three Philippine presidents, crossed several borders in Africa illegally, chased Somali pirates in a Canadian warship and had several guns pointed at him.

In other words, he’s had every experience a journalist could even hope for. He has also been fortunate enough to be a two-time nominee for a National Newspaper Award, winning in 2003 for investigations.

Other awards include the B’Nai Brith National Human Rights Media Award and nominee for the Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism.

Now firmly rooted in Winnipeg, Dan visits Toronto often but no longer pines to live there.

Dan Lett on Twitter: @danlett

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Aug 2 9:50 am

Warm and windy weather on the way

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:38 am

Harper says if he started campaigning and didn't call the election he would be criticized.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:34 am

Harper says his party's financial advantage exists whether he calls #election2015 today or not. This way cMaligning is done by the law.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:27 am

Harper neglects to note taxpayers will pay for half the parties costs now that the campaign is starting.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:27 am

Harper says since he was going to start campaigning now it's important it's paid for by parties not taxpayers.