July 30, 2015

Williams, Rob

Copy editor

Rob Williams used to be the Free Press music writer. Now he is a copy editor. He enjoys still being able to wear T-shirts to work every day but not having to argue with readers about how many stars the Eagles concert deserved.

Rob works in the entertainment department, where he writes headlines for the Miss Lonelyhearts column and periodically changes the Leo horoscope so it works in his favour.

He has a weekly radio show on 101.5 UMFM, where he occasionally shows off his sensitive side by playing Sebadoh.

Rob grew up on Lipton Street and believes every Winnipeg has either lived on Lipton or been to a party on the street at some point in his or her life.

He enjoys Slayer, camping, impersonating Victor Newman and believes a banana a day actually keeps the doctor away.

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 30 1:00 pm

#Winnipeg Mosquito Status: MEDIUM; citywide trap average: 36. More trap counts: wfp.to/mosquitomap

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 30 12:34 pm

Former hospital employee charged with fraud wfp.to/xvZ

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 30 12:26 pm

Funding announced for $155-M Waverley underpass project wfp.to/xv5

Mike Deal | @wfpmdeal

Jul 30 12:08 pm

Steve Kirby from the UofM encourages kids during a Jazz on Wheels performance at Sinclair Park pic.twitter.com/n71XaYzq9H

Joe Bryksa | @jbryksa

Jul 30 11:55 am

Robert Kury blew this air horn and heckled MP Joyce Bateman as she announced underpass for Waverly and Taylor. pic.twitter.com/ELUzAywvCc