July 2, 2015

Special air quality statement in effect

Small, Alan

Arts and Life Editor

Alan Small was named the editor of the Free Press’s Arts and Life section in January 2013 after almost 15 years at the paper in a variety of editing roles.

In his day, he’s hit a hole-in-one, been berated by Bobby Hull during an interview and once personally delivered a copy of the Free Press TV book to an angry subscriber he couldn’t get off the phone.

Alan grew up on a farm near Radway, Alta., population 200, and left the farm life and agriculture studies behind in 1988 to try his hand at newspapers. Reporting sent him to all corners of Alberta until 1997, when he moved to Winnipeg.

Away from work, you might bump into Alan at trivia contests, where his inch-deep knowledge of almost any subject proves to be a valuable asset. If you picked a random song from his iPhone, chances are it would be one by Bob Dylan, as he has seen 28 of Dylan’s concerts in five different countries, and will likely plan some of next year’s holidays around Dylan’s touring schedule.

He decided to return to school in 2001, taking classes at the U of M during the day while working on the copy desk in the evening. By 2006, he had an arts degree, and like many graduates, wonders how he’ll put a German major/film studies minor to good use.

Well, there’s always tomorrow...

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 2 10:30 pm

Legislation restricts ombudsman from investigating cabinet or Treasury Board decisions wfp.to/R6a pic.twitter.com/NnwEjhn5ET

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Also in Friday's Free Press: My story on a veteran Winnipeg lawyer disbarred after a shocking string of misconduct is revealed.

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Exclusive bedside interview with downed jockey Alyssa Selman tomorrow @WinnipegNews pic.twitter.com/TclG0FlTOZ

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#Winnipeg Mosquito Status: MEDIUM; citywide trap average: 25. More trap counts: wfp.to/mosquitomap

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A disastrous first half for Winnipeg comes to an end with the Bombers trailing Hamilton 38-13 and the future of Drew Willy unknown.