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Staff Biographies

  • Bob Cox


    Bob Cox was named publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press in November 2007.

  • Paul Samyn


    Paul Samyn has been part of the Free Press newsroom for more than a quarter century, working his way up after starting as a rookie reporter in 1988.

  • Wendy Sawatzky

    Associate Editor Digital News

    As a child Wendy programmed in BASIC on her family's TRS-80 and published a tabloid newspaper about her friends -- both excellent training for her future career in online news.

  • Martin Cash


    Martin Cash joined the Free Press in 1987 as the paper’s business columnist.

  • Murray McNeill


    After 18 years as a plough jockey in training, Murray left the farm and moved to the big city (Winnipeg). The plan was to work for a year to save up money to go to university and become a conservation officer.

  • Jason Bell

    Breaking News Editor

    Jason Bell wanted to be a lawyer when he was a kid. The movie The Paper Chase got him hooked on the idea of law school and, possibly, falling in love with someone exactly like Lindsay Wagner (before she went all Bionic).

  • Carl DeGurse

    Assignment editor

    Desk jobs have a reputation for boredom, but working on the City Desk of the Free Press is anything but. Boring topics are as unwelcome here as cold sores on prom night.

  • Bartley Kives


    Bartley Kives wants you to know his last name rhymes with Beavis, as in Beavis and Butthead.

  • Larry Kusch

    Legislature reporter

    Larry Kusch has been a journalist for 30 years, the last 20 with the Winnipeg Free Press.

  • Dan Lett


    Dan Lett came to Winnipeg in 1986, less than a year out of journalism school. Despite the fact that he’s originally from Toronto and has a fatal attraction to the Maple Leafs, Winnipeggers let him stay.

  • Greg Lockert

    Night City Editor

    A younger Greg Lockert dreamed of becoming the next great Canadian columnist. Instead, he became the guy who edits great Canadian columnists.

  • Nick Martin

    Education reporter

    Nick Martin is the old bearded guy at the back of the newsroom, the most experienced reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press, having started his career in Ontario in 1971.

  • Mike McIntyre

    Justice reporter

    Journalist, national radio show host, author, webmaster, pundit and cruise director ... Mike McIntyre loves to keep busy!

  • Bruce Owen

    Legislative reporter

    Bruce Owen joined the Winnipeg Free Press in 1990 after four years working in other media.

  • Alex Paul


    Alex cut her teeth as a cub reporter in the days after Watergate.

  • Ashley Prest


    When Ashley Prest was hired as a sports writer in 1987, just three months out of university, she thought she was being fired every day.

  • Mia Rabson

    Parliamentary bureau chief

    Mia Rabson's interest in politics seemed clear when she dressed up as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for Halloween in the 7th grade.

  • Bill Redekop

    Regional reporter

    Bill Redekop comes by his love of traveling across Manitoba naturally.

  • Kevin Rollason


    Kevin Rollason was in elementary school when he decided he wanted to be a writer. He was in high school when he came to the realization that it’s pretty hard to put food on the table if you’re a writer in Canada.

  • Carol Sanders


    Reporter Carol Sanders returned to her roots in Winnipeg in 1997 to join the Free Press — just as the Flood of the Century hit.

  • Aldo Santin


    Aldo Santin is a veteran newspaper reporter, having joined Winnipeg Free Press in 1986.

  • Gordon Sinclair Jr.


    Gordon Sinclair Jr. -- the Winnipeg Press’s senior columnist -- was born into a newspaper family, and the Free Press, where his father was a respected reporter and assistant managing editor.

  • Inayat Singh

    Data Reporter

    As the data reporter at the Free Press, Inayat Singh believes the answers to all his questions lie hidden in government databases lurking in a nondescript server room somewhere at the back of an office.

  • Doug Speirs


    Doug Speirs’ humour column, In the Doug House, has appeared on Page 2 of the Winnipeg Free Press at least three times a week since 2006. No one is exactly sure why.

  • Randy Turner


    While attending Boissevain High School in the late 1970’s, Randy Turner one day read an account of a Winnipeg Jets game in the Free Press when it dawned on him: "Really, you can get paid to watch sports?"

  • Mary Agnes Welch

    Public policy reporter

    Mary Agnes Welch joined the Free Press in 2002, first as a general assignment reporter and then covering city hall and the Manitoba legislature before moving to her current post as public policy reporter.

  • Jen Zoratti


    Jen Zoratti is a Winnipeg Free Press columnist, but you might know her as a music writer.

  • Shannon Sampert

    Perspectives and Politics Editor

    Shannon Sampert started as a volunteer radio reporter for a small radio station in Wetaskiwin, Alta., when she was 15 years old and was hooked from that point on.

  • Catherine Mitchell


    Catherine Mitchell got her first real job taking direction from an editor named Twaddle. She figured there might be room for her in this business, too.

  • David O’Brien


    David O’Brien worked for the Dauphin Herald, Brandon Sun, Winnipeg Tribune and Winnipeg Sun before joining the Winnipeg Free Press in 1981.

Entertainment & Life
  • Alan Small

    Arts and Life Editor

    Alan Small was named the editor of the Free Press’s Arts and Life section in January 2013 after almost 15 years at the paper in a variety of editing roles.

  • Randall King


    In a way, Randall King was born into the entertainment beat.

  • Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson

    Books Editor

    Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson edits the Free Press books section as well as the letters to the editor. He’s also the paper's weekly wine columnist.

  • Brad Oswald


    Way back when Brad Oswald was TV-inclined little kid, his exasperated mother used to say things like, “Would you PLEASE turn that thing off and go OUTSIDE and play?"

  • Rob Williams

    Copy editor

    Rob Williams used to be the Free Press music writer. Now he is a copy editor. He enjoys still being able to wear T-shirts to work every day but not having to argue with readers about how many stars the Eagles concert deserved.

  • Jill Wilson

    Editor, Uptown

    Jill started working at the Free Press in 2003 as a copy editor for the entertainment section, a job she still holds.

Photos & Graphics
  • Joe Bryksa


    Joe Bryksa was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied photojournalism at Red River College in Winnipeg and began his career in the mid-1980s at community and other newspapers in the city.

  • Mike Deal


    Mike Deal’s first day at the Winnipeg Free Press was supposed to be September 12, 2001. But when he woke to the news of the two towers on September 11, he automatically headed into the newsroom.

  • Ken Gigliotti


    Ken Gigliotti started at the Winnipeg Free Press as a staff photographer in 1979.

  • Wayne Glowacki


    Wayne started working at the Free Press as a copyboy in 1974 at the age of eighteen ripping news wire stories off old printing machines and hand delivering them to news and sports editors.

  • Phil Hossack


    Phil Hossack joined the Free Press in 1983 after four years working for the Brandon Sun.

  • Linda Stilkowski

    Paginating artist

    Fresh out of Red River Community College's two-year Advertising Art program in the late '70s, Linda's initial contact with the Free Press was as the Advertising Manager for Kelly's Stereo Mart and Steintron Electronics.

  • Melissa Tait

    Multimedia editor

    Melissa comes to Winnipeg by way of Toronto, where she was born and raised. As a Manitoba transplant, she can't seem to learn enough about curling, river levels and the wicking capabilities of synthetic versus natural fabrics.

  • Tyler Walsh

    Multimedia editor

    After a short but successful stint on CKND-TV's The Great Spelling Bee in 1993, Tyler Walsh knew the bright lights of television were in his future.

  • Steve Lyons

    Sports Editor

    Steve has worked at the Free Press since 1987.

  • Gary Lawless


    Gary Lawless has been with the Free Press since 1999.

  • Ed Tait


    Read into this what you will, but Ed Tait’s career in the newspaper business officially began on April Fool’s Day, 1987.