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Membership has its privileges

Wayne Glowacki / Winnipeg Free Press 
Peter Enns, CEO of Crosstown Civic Credit Union, says the difference between big banks and credit unions is membership.


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  • A single retiree with a pension can't seem to make ends meet. She is running a deficit monthly, and has a $20,000 debt on her line of credit that isn't getting any smaller.

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Max and Ruby will need about $100,000 to $120,000 a year to maintain their lifestyle, which includes hot holidays in the winter and lake visits during the summer.

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  • Stonewall’s retail renaissance

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    When a couple of successful small-town businessmen decide to invest millions in a real estate development in their own community, it’s bound to be good news for that town.

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    Here is a summary of city building permits for December.


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