July 3, 2015

Special air quality statement in effect

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Winnipeg Police | @wpgpolice

Jul 3 6:21 pm

A suspicious package was reported at an office in the 300 block of Hargrave. Investigation unfounded and all road closures now open.

Winnipeg Police | @wpgpolice

Jul 3 6:17 pm

East Bound Broadway closed at Hargrave due to an ongoing incident.

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 3 5:32 pm

US woman's measles death is first in US since 2003 wfp.to/Rjh

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Jul 3 5:32 pm

'The Raccoons' creator eyes possible reboot wfp.to/Rj3

Winnipeg Police | @wpgpolice

Jul 3 5:22 pm

All traffic closures in the St Mary Ave. area are now open.