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Georgia Nichols' 2006 Horoscope

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In 2006, Saturn is in Leo for the entire year for the first time since 1977. (Many will see a correlation.) This will give enduring form to creative expression! (The movie Star Wars, which opened in 1977, has become one of our culture's artistic icons.)

Saturn will encourage a concrete expression of theatre and the arts at both personal and civic levels. It will also encourage a stricter, more traditional methodology in schools.

Jupiter's passage through Scorpio will alter how we deal with death. In the '50s, we built schools and playgrounds for the baby boomers. This year we will lay the groundwork to help them die with dignity and loving support. (Death will be a big business by 2013.)

In many ways, new opportunities will arise out of situations of loss. "May the Force be with you."


Nov 22 - Dec 21

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

The envelope, please...

You're a maverick; but you're one of three categories: the published university junkie; the party-hard gambler; or the Gore-Tex granola crowd. Some are all three -- but every one of you is an optimist. You're focused on the future but you live for today. You believe in human decency and kindness to animals. You love the outdoors. You're always active. You're broad-minded, tolerant and philosophical about life. You want to learn. You seek adventure! You travel more than other signs. And your gift of the gab lets you dish out baloney disguised as food for thought. You're blunt (but you think it's refreshing candor). You're witty and breezy; however, you know that everyone likes a kidder but nobody lends him money.

This year

It's a year of preparation. It's time to get serious about what you really want, and your goals are almost within your reach. Recently, your ruler lucky Jupiter sailed across the top of your chart, triggering all kinds of opportunities. Most were career related, but they also enhanced your chances of realizing dreams that were important to you. This is the year to lay the groundwork through travel, dealing with foreign countries, getting further education, and dealing with publishing and the media to promote your goals. This is also a spiritual year for you. Honesty and truth are paramount for your sign. (Caution: "If you speak the truth have a foot in the stirrup.") Many people don't want to hear the truth. But you know that half-truths are the first threats to freedom, and freedom is something you value. In November this year, moneybags Jupiter enters your sign for the first time since 1995-'96. This is what you've been waiting for!

Is the future like the present, only longer?

Your wonderful time of harvest and fruition will arrive in 2007-'08. At that time, Saturn will move across the top of your chart, ripening all the seeds you've planted since 1994. It will be a time of reaping what you sowed. To enhance your good fortune even further, your ruler Jupiter will remain in your sign until December 2007. That's when you gotta make it happen. However, success doesn't stop then. It just enters the door and gets comfortable.

In a galaxy far, far away

Since 1996, Pluto in your sign put all committed partnership to the supreme test. It finally leaves Sagittarius in 2008. You will notice a difference in your life after that. Things will mellow out. An intensity that you lived with for years will hugely diminish. By 2013, you will begin to dismantle much of what you've created since 2001. You'll get ready to move on to something completely new. "One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." (André Gide.)

My mantra for 2006

80 per cent of success is showing up.
-- Woody Allen

Be the best you can be

The lowest manifestation of your Sagittarian energy is the con artist. (You can sell anyone the Brooklyn Bridge.) But the highest expression of your sign is the guru. The bottom line is this: you know how to dazzle people with your words. You inspire them. You don't go looking for followers; they find you! You're educated and informed. (Self-taught or credentials.) You can see the truth at a great distance. Most people can't. You also grasp the futility and pain intolerance and petty judgments. No matter what your wage-earning job is, you're on this planet to teach others to respect one another without prejudice. You know many paths lead to the same truth. Because you fear being trapped, you can exist within, yet separate from, the norms of society. People think you know more. And you do! Sagittarians seek the truth, then find the truth, then teach it.

Stuff every self-respecting Sagittarius knows

Your symbol is the Centaur -- half horse/half man holding an arrow poised for flight. Your ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarius is Masculine and your element is Fire. You are a Mutable sign. (The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They blend. They fit in. They style flex and morph to whatever's going on. They're versatile and adaptable. "Are we packing tropical?") Your sign rules the Thighs, Hips, Gallbladder and Liver. Small wonder Sagittarius rules the Ninth House of Travel, Foreign Countries, Publishing, the Media, Medicine and the Law. You're long-lived and wise. You believe if you rest, you rust.

Sagittarius in the bedroom

Textbooks refer to you as the bachelor sign. You are a tease! You work hard and party hard. (You've got a juicy diary stashed somewhere.) You're a sucker for anyone who tickles your thighs. (Love those garter belts and thigh-high boots.) You're always up for a good time -- but they gotta make you laugh to get you in the sack. But you're leery of commitment. You love the chase! You'll never sign anything without an escape clause. You keep your bag packed and your horse saddled. After all, it's a big world out there. In your heart, you're an alley cat on the prowl.

Lucky days in 2006 for Sagittarius

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want -- a date, a major financial decision, or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you.

January: 24, 25, 26
February: 22, 23
March: 20, 21
April: 16, 17, 18
May: 13, 14, 15
June: 10, 11,
July: 7, 8, 9
August: 4, 5, 31
September: 1, 27, 28, 29October: 24, 25, 26
November: 21, 22
December: 18, 19

Celebrity Birthdays
Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
22 Scarlett Johansson, 1984
23 Bruce Hornsby, 1954
24 Scott Joplin, 1868
25 Donovan McNabb, 1976
26 Rich Little, 1938
27 Michael Vartan, 1968
28 Jonathon Stewart, 1962
29 C. S. Lewis, 1898
30 Ben Stiller, 1965
1 Woody Allen, 1935
2 Monica Seles, 1973
3 Julianne Moore, 1960
4 Tyra Banks, 1973
5 Gary Allan, 1967
6 Noam Chomsky, 1928
8 Teri Hatcher, 1964
9 Jakob Dylan, 1969
10 Dorothy Lamour, 1914
11 Teri Garr, 1949
12 Jennifer Connelly, 1970
13 Jamie Foxx, 1967
14 Nostradamus, 1503
15 Adam Brody, 1979
16 Benjamin Bratt, 1963
17 Milla Jovovich, 1975
18 Brad Pitt, 1963
19 Jennifer Beals, 1963
20 Jenny Agutter, 1952
21 Kiefer Sutherland, 1966


Dec 22 - Jan 19

"With great power comes great responsibility!" -- Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Capricorn 2006 Forecast

The Envelope Please...

You take your responsibilities seriously. You value home and family, and you honour your commitments. Security is important to you. You work hard, and you want respect for your efforts. You're goal oriented. You intend to get to the top of your field. Sure, you like status. It's a way of keeping score! (You can spot a Louis Vuitton at 10 paces.) You accept duty and discipline and often work under tough conditions. "It's character building." No pain, no gain. You put all your eggs in one basket, then you watch the basket. You always clean up before company arrives. You're a realist. You think starving artist is a hyphenated word. Work first -- then pleasure, that's your motto. You crave intimacy but fear rejection. Because of this, you think before you speak or act.

Your Shady Past

Life was pretty sweet in 1981-'83. You did yourself proud then. However, you gave up a lot about seven years later. (Places, people and possessions.) By 1989, it was a new game for you, and you probably got some new duds for your new gig. (Appearances are everything, remember?) In 1994-'95, you were on the move again changing jobs or residences; and by 1996-'97, you worked hard to secure the home you wanted. After the millennium, you worked even harder! In 2003-'04, some well-deserved recognition came your way; but partnerships suffered. You hate messy split-ups. You intend to mate for life. (Good for the family; keep the wealth intact.) You like marriage, a house, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

Which brings us to 2006

Recently some of you had to make do with less. Since 2004, partnerships or your partner brought less to the table. Naturally, you picked up the slack. You always do; you always will. Fortunately, wonderful career opportunities came your way last year. They might have involved increase travel or work with medicine, the law, foreign countries, publishing and the media. One thing is absolutely certain: this year is going to be a popular one for you! Buy the kind of clothes you want to socialize in. What should you wear to a club meeting, a barbecue, a cruise, a dance, a ski weekend? You like to fit in (but with class). Fortunately, you choose classic clothing that lasts. (Capricorns have taste.) Support from partners is still lagging this year. That's OK. You're a patient sign.

Is the future like the present only longer?

You can look forward to 2008 for several reasons. For starters, the obstacles to the support you lost through the wealth of others are now removed. The brakes are off! This means wealth, resources, favours and bonuses once again come your way through partnerships (intimate for professional). Increased travel is also likely in 2008, along with increased training and education for some of you. (Some will actually go back to school.) Another wonderful blessing comes along in 2008: lucky Jupiter enters your sign. This attracts all kinds of powerful people and opportunities to you. It's a lucky cycle that occurs once every 12 years. But the final thing that will really please you is that around 2008-09, you will clearly see what you want to achieve. This is so important for you.

In a galaxy far, far away...

Your time of honour, achievement and harvest will arrive around 2010. Those of you who went back to school will graduate. Others will receive recognition and accolades for all the hard work since 2003, and perhaps even since 1996. Increased earnings in 2009 bring you a happier state of mind by 2010 as well. And in 2011, your home life, your real estate, your family will be the source of much joy and rewards.

My Mantra for 2006

When I chop my own wood, it warms me twice.

Be the best you can be

Saturn is your ruler. Saturn rules all pyramid structures: the government, corporations, the military, and the law courts. More than any other sign, you understand power, status and responsibility. You know how the system works! Furthermore, you understand self-reliance and the notion that the buck stops here. All of these areas depend on respect, reputation and a reverence for a proven track record. Nothing succeeds like success; and success is not an overnight phenomena. It's the result of steady, hard work that builds towards a goal step by step. Little drips eventually fill a pail. You know how to teach the world this work ethic. Without your Capricorn role model, the rest of us are adrift, lacking structure and form. The protocol and self-discipline that you demonstrate are how big things get done in the world!

Stuff Every Self-Respecting Capricorn Knows:

You are Capricorn the Goat. Your element is Earth and your ruling planet is Saturn. You are a Feminine Cardinal sign. (The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They're the signs of the changing seasons -- the switch hitters. They initiate things and act on their ideas. They make things happen. "Let's have a graduation party!") Your sign rules the Knees, Tendons, Ligaments and Joints. And your ruler Saturn rules the Skin, Nails, Teeth and Bones. (Saturn is long-lasting!) Capricorn rules the 10th House of every chart; the House that governs Reputation, Status, Authority, Achievements and Public Life.

Capricorn in the Bedroom

You're navy blue, pinstriped, wing-tipped, three-piece, demure and oh so proper. (You've got the world fooled.) Initially you're cautious, but you're a sexy combination of reserve and lust. (It can be exciting for your partner, who's not quite sure just who's out tonight.) You're a Ferrari. Once you step on the gas you go from zero to 80 in seven seconds. But you don't want scandal. In this respect, you're careful. You like ritual and comfort. Power and dominance intrigue you. (All those boardroom meetings influence your bedroom meetings!) You can be energetic and in the next breath discuss painting, books, music and politics. The back of your knees are sensual. Expensive gifts get your attention.

Lucky Days in 2006 for Capricorn

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want, whether it's a date, a major financial decision, or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you.

January: 27, 28
February: 23, 24
March: 22, 23
April: 7, 8
May: 11, 12, 13
June: 12, 13
July: 9, 10, 11
August: 4, 5, 31
September: 1, 2, 27, 28, 29
October: 24, 25, 26
November: 21, 22
December: 18, 19

Celebrity Birthdays
Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19) 2006
22 Ralph Fiennes, 1962
23 Robert Bly, 1926
24 Howard Hughes, 1905
25 Annie Lennox, 1954
26 Jared Leto, 1971
27 Marlene Dietrich, 1901
28 Denzel Washington, 1954
29 Jude Law, 1972
30 Laila Ali, 1977
31 Val Kilmer, 1959
1 J.D. Salinger, 1919
2 Taye Diggs, 1972
3 Mel Gibson, 1956
4 Michael Stipe 1960
5 Diane Keaton, 1946
6 Kahil Gibran, 1883
7 Nicolas Cage, 1964
8 Elvis Presley, 1935
9 Bob Denver, 1935
10 Rod Stewart, 1945
11 Naomi Judd, 1946
12 Kirstie Alley, 1955
13 Orlando Bloom, 1977
14 Albert Schweitzer, 1875
15 Martin Luther King Jr., 1929
16 Debbie Allen, 1950
17 Jim Carrey, 1962
18 Cary Grant, 1904
19 Dolly Parton, 1946


Jan 20 - Feb 18

"Friendship is like a bank account. You can't continue to draw on it without making deposits." -- Anonymous

The Envelope Please...

You are so individualistic you defy classification. (You unique types are all alike.) You're original. You have a fine mind. You're inventive, and you teach yourself daunting data! Yet many of you flunked school because of daydreaming (inventing, actually) or networking. The computer geeks and wizards of this world have Aquarius in their soul, as do scientists, inventors, pilots and programmers. You see the world as a global village. You're casual about your dress, but never your politics. You believe in life after birth -- for everyone. You lobby for the underdog and the rights of the masses. You started unions, Greenpeace and Amnesty International. You rally the troops! You bring together like minds to fight for a common goal -- to make the world a better place. "Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!" You're an avant-garde rebel. Never a slave to convention, you start petitions, organizations, and the occasional mutiny. You're a wonderful friend and humanitarian. (But gawd -- you're stubborn!)

Your Shady Past

Although you were stylin' in the mid '80s, you give up a lot around 1989-90. That's because you had to reinvent yourself in the '90s. (And you did!) In 1991, you were in a completely new sandbox. New clothes, new hairdo, the works. In the late '90s, you were caught in a revolving door, finding different jobs and places to live. But by 1999, you tried to settle down. In fact, your home scene looked good at the turn of the millennium. And 2001 was a fun year for romance and vacations. Since 2003, you've been busting your buns. (Gasp) But last year was very tough on partnerships. That's because you started to take your powah!

Which brings us to 2006

Aquarians alive today are in a unique (there's that word again) position because Neptune is presently in your sign, and your ruler Uranus travelled through your sign from 1996 to 2003. This was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It really shook you up. But it was ultimately a liberating experience. (That's a euphemism for mind-blowing angst.) Many of you are dealing with the fallout of lost partnerships now. And if those partnerships didn't bite the dust, then they're undergoing a major adjustment period. Fortunately, the heavens do balance things out. This year, lucky Jupiter is sailing across the top of your chart, bringing you wonderful opportunities and better jobs. But it also beautifully bolsters your public reputation among your peers. You're looking swell, kiddo. This is the time to try very hard to move ahead in any area that matters to you. Expect a promotion, public recognition, and increased esteem from your contemporaries. Increased travel (perhaps work-related) and a change of fields perhaps to medicine, healing, the law or higher education are possible now.

Is the future like the present, only longer?

In the next few years, some of you will get along with less support from others. Partners could change jobs. Roommates move out. Bursaries and scholarships end. But you will persevere! Success is mainly hanging on after others have let go. The year 2007 will be very popular! Friends, groups and associations will love you. Your dance card will be full! In 2009, lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the entire year. Yeehaw! Life will be good.

In a galaxy far far away...

All this current insanity is actually preparing you for a marvellous career peak around 2013. At that time, your cherished dreams will come true. The reason you're stepping in mud puddles now is so that you'll know what fertile soil looks like in the future.

My Mantra for 2006

If I take care of the minutes, the days will take care of themselves.

Be the best you can be

Neptune in your sign is a confusing experience. (1998-2011) Since it happens once every 165 years, not everybody undergoes this. Your sense of reality is being tested. But your compassion is expanding. You are cutting-edge and modern. (All Aquarians are born 50 years ahead of their time.) In the last thousand years, Uranus and Neptune have joined together in the sign of Aquarius only once -- briefly in 1834-35 and again for six years from 1998 to 2003. You are a unique kind of person who is alive at a very special time in history. It's the Age of Aquarius. The last time this happened was 25,000 years ago. (Guess how far they had to walk to school then!) You're getting this double-whammy experience so that you can be the mentors for the entire planet, which is also undergoing this New Age. You will lead the way with technology. But you will also show the rest of us how to live together. After all, it's the lead dog who has the clearest view.

Stuff Every Self-Respecting Aquarius Knows

You are Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Your element is air. You are a masculine, fixed sign. (The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed signs are determined, steadfast and self-reliant. They see things through to the end. They like tradition and boundaries. "What! No cranberry sauce with the turkey?") Unpredictable Uranus is your ruling planet. Aquarius governs the ankles and the circulatory system and electrical impulses in the body. Your sign rules the Eleventh House, which governs associations, friendships, fraternity, hope, objectives and ideologies. Aquarius rules the heavens -- astronomy, astrology, "rocket science" and aviation. You guys are smart!

Aquarius in the Bedroom

You're an experimental sign. Need I say less? You have to have a partner who is open-minded and curious about new techniques and toys. Remember that your planet Uranus rules electricity. Shocking? (I think that includes batteries.) And your partner has to be a respected friend. The irony is that given your love of the unconventional and the erotic, you're essentially passive. You have to respect your sex object. Altruism turns you on. Bigotry turns you off. But once you have a meeting of the high minds, you're very eager to please. Nothing is too far out for you. But the bottom line of all your hijinks is that you truly care for people. Of course, the list you care for might be long and far ranging. But hey -- it's all in good fun and we're friends, aren't we?

Lucky Days in 2005 for Aquarius

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want -- whether it's a date, a major financial decision or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you.

January: 28, 29 30
February: 25, 26
March: 24, 26, 26
April: 21, 22
May: 18, 19
June: 14, 15
July: 12, 13
August: 8, 9
September: 4, 5, 6
October: 29, 30
November: 25, 26, 27
December: 22, 23, 24

Celebrity Birthdays
Aquarius (January 20-February 18) 2005
20 Bill Maher, 1956
21 Geena Davis, 1956
22 Diane Lane, 1965
23 Proncess Caroline of Monaco, 1957
24 Neil Diamond, 1941
25 Alicia Keys 1981
26 Paul Newman, 1925
27 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756
28 Sarah McLachlan, 1968
29 Heather Graham 1970
30 Gene Hackman, 1930
31 Carol Channing, 1923
1 Clark Gable, 1902
2 Shakira, 1977
3 Blythe Danner 1943
4 Rosa Parks, 1913
5 Christopher Guest, 1948
6 Bob Marley, 1945
7 Chris Rock 1966
8 James Dean 1931
9 Ziyi Zhang, 1979
10 Roberta Flack, 1939
11 Jennifer Aniston 1969
12 Abraham Lincoln, 1809
13 Stockard Channing, 1944
14 Gregory Hines, 1946
15 Matt Groening 1954
16 Sonny Bono, 1935
17 Paris Hilton, 1981
18 Matt Dillon 1964


Feb 19 - March 20

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

The Envelope Please...

Since your ruling planet is Neptune the Muse, the source of fantasy, mysticism and intuition -- your imagination is boundless! Your empathy makes you sympathetic, compassionate and selfless. You're definitely more psychic and understanding than the rest of us. (This can make you emotionally isolated at times.) Of course, you weep. (Other signs just cry.) You compose, draw, dance, write poetry and take fabulous pictures. But you're tortured trying to respect your artistic temperament and idealism in a world of commercial demands. You're not a wimp. (Bruce Willis? Mario Andretti?) You're kind, lovable, unselfish and caring. (Hmm, that does sound wimpy.) You flex and morph with skill. As feisty as an Aries, as witty as a Gemini, as dramatic as a Leo, as charming as a Libran, as meticulous as a Virgo and as shrewd as a Capricorn -- who are you? Aside from being the one with the most shoes, your secret wish is to save the world before bedtime.

Your Shady Past

You danced your way through the '80s, especially around 1986-89; but you gave up a lot in the early '90s. Once you moved past self-pity, you started to create a new world for yourself in 1994. In 1996-'97, you were "seaaarrching." (You actually have a searching wardrobe.) And in 1999-2000, you shuffled things around, "searching" for better digs and jobs. Looking back, can you see that between 1993 and 2001 you completely reinvented yourself? You're good at this. Recently, you've been beating your breast, wondering what you really want to be when you grow up. Last year you started slaving away. That's the only word for it. Fortunately, once you zone in on something, you have tremendous perseverance.

Which brings us to 2006

There's good news and there's bad news for this year. Let's tackle the tough part first. You're still going to be in slave mode during 2006 and perhaps 2007 as well. But you won't be miserable (and I don't mean the Nietzsche trip: what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger. Who needs that?). The kind of work you will face this year is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat. It will build your confidence in yourself, and at the same time build other people's respect and confidence in you. Others are watching! That's not too shabby, and that's the bad news. The good news is Jupiter is going to trigger chances to expand your world through travel, study and opportunities to explore publishing and the media as well. (Trust me.) These areas get the biggest boost they've had in over a decade! Renew your passport; buy a new bathing suit.

Is the future like the present only longer?

Your future is definitely brighter. In 2008, you're going to step up to the plate, take a bow, and let everyone know you've arrived. You're in the game; you're a player. The only dark cloud on your horizon could be partnerships. As you start doing snappy steps in cool new shoes, your partner might feel overlooked. This will be a testing time for relationships. Nevertheless, you're going to saddle up and lock 'n' load. The show must go on. In 2007, moneybags Jupiter travels through your House of Career and Public Reputation. Even sweeter opportunities related to travel and career success will bless you then! Please note: career is not just "job"; it's your life path.

In a galaxy far, far away...

Once you're running and out of the gate in 2008, there's no stopping you. You will work steadily for a marvellous career peak about eight years later. That's when your cherished dreams will come true. You can look forward to increased popularity and pleasurable interaction with groups and clubs in 2008 as well. But that also might contribute to your partner feeling like chopped liver. (Did you want to serve onions with that?)

My Mantra for 2006

I'm going to love what I do until I'm doing what I love.

Be the best you can be

You perfect the art of illusion in this world. You're the creative genius who not only sees the big picture but takes care of the little details as well. (Einstein and Michelangelo were both Pisces.) You capture the beauty of film, jazz, poetry, fashion, a sunset, a child, or a mathematical equation. You're a dreamer who helps others realize their dreams. You understand the need to escape banal, numbing routine. Furthermore, you're compassionate and quick to identify what others need. You create wondrous, magical escapes not only for yourself, but for the world. Film directors, actors, dancers, musicians, and those who bring artistic style to their daily work enrich the lives of everyone else. Dr. Seuss (a Pisces) never had children; he wrote stories for his wife. You remind us of the romance in our souls. You give us more than escape -- you give us inspiration and hope.

Stuff Every Self-Respecting Pisces Knows

The symbol for Pisces is the Fish. You are a Feminine Mutable sign. (The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They blend. They fit in. They style flex and morph to whatever's going on. They're versatile and adaptable. "Are we packing tropical?") Your element is Water. Pisces rules the feet and the lachrymal glands (they produce tears). It's official. You can buy shoes and weep! And Neptune rules the thalumus, which receives sensory input. (Twilight Zone riff here.) Your sign rules the 12th House, which governs Secrecy, Escapism, Seclusion, Sacrifice and also the Government and Hospitals.

Pisces in the Bedroom

Did I hear the word fetish? You're an incurable romantic. (Who would want to cure this?) You're sensuous and intelligently creative: poetry, flowers, champagne, soft music, silk scarves, candlelight -- and are those your stiletto boots? (Some people just won't take their shoes off. Tsk, tsk.) You are master and mistress of illusion. You're theatrical and you love role-playing. ("I'm the teacher. You naughty boy!") But you like it best when you're in love. (You can fall in love in seven minutes.) You want to idolize your partner. And why not? This perfect person is with you! You'll go to great lengths to please, because it pleases you to please. You're the one waiting for "the call" to save the world, remember?

Lucky Days in 2005 for Pisces

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want -- whether it's a date, a major financial decision, or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you.

January: 3, 4, 30, 31
February: 27, 28
March: 26, 27, 28
April: 23, 24
May: 20, 21
June: 17, 17
July: 14, 15
August: 10, 11
September: 6,7
October: 4, 5, 31
November: 1,27, 28, 29
December: 26, 27

Celebrity Birthdays
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) 2006
19 Amy Tan, 1952
20 Sidney Poitier, 1924
21 Alan Rickman, 1946
22 Drew Barrymore, 1975
23 Dakota Fanning, 1994
24 Steve Jobs, 1955
25 George Harrison, 1943
26 Johnny Cash, 1932
27 Elizabeth Taylor, 1932
28 Mario Andretti, 1940
1 Roger Daltrey, 1944
2 Dr. Seuss, 1904
3 Jessica Biel, 1982
4 Miriam Makeba, 1932
5 Jake Lloyd, 1989
6 Tom Arnold, 1804
7 Ivan Lendl, 1960
8 Aidan Quinn, 1959
9 Raul Julia, 1940
10 Sharon Stone, 1958
11 Douglas Adams, 1952
12 James Taylor, 1948
13 Adam Clayton, 1960
14 Billy Crystal, 1947
15 Eva Longoria, 1975
16 Jerry Lewis, 1926
17 Rob Lowe, 1964
18 Queen Latifah, 1970
19 Bruce Willis, 1955
20 Holly Hunter, 1958

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