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Switching to energy-efficient bulbs a bright idea

A 9.5-watt LED bulb looks like a traditional 60-watt bulb and screws into a standard socket. Last fall Manitoba Hydro promoted high-efficiency lights at participating big-box stores by offering the bulbs at up to 50 per cent off retail prices. Whether Hydro will do the same this year, remains a dark secret. The A19 (style of bulb) in this picture normally retails for over $20.


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  • Proper underlayment and subfloor are crucial to prevent mould. A good subfloor also prevents dipping in the flooring and eliminates annoying squeeks.

    Prevent problems with proper subfloor preparation

    02/28/2015 3:00 AM 0
  • Strong flowering is characteristic of the new pot-ready Dahlia XXL series, a vegetatively grown dahlia.  Veracruz features bicolour flowers in soft shades with uniform, upright growth that makes it ideal for containers or in the front of the border.

    Hello Dahlias

    02/28/2015 3:00 AM 0
  • Kitchens give the biggest return on investment far beyond any other room in the house, says Scott McGillivray, top, host of HGTV�s hit series Income Property.

    Get the biggest bang for your buck

    02/28/2015 3:00 AM 0


March 1, 2015

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NAfro Dance Production of PUDYA

The Gas Station Arts Centre will be the venue for an evening of percussion, chants and highly energetic African inspired movement as well as rhythm driven choreographies. Pudya was inspired by the Makonde people’s traditional ...

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