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Jaimie Creasy becomes first woman to graduate from RRC with degree

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Jaimie Creasy will receive her degree in construction management.


Jaimie Creasy will receive her degree in construction management. Photo Store

Jaimie Creasy didn’t set out to make history — she just wanted to build things.

But historic she certainly is, the first woman ever to graduate from Red River College with a degree.

Creasy is among 2,124 students receiving diplomas, certificates and degrees at convocation ceremonies Monday and today at the Centennial Concert Hall. That includes close to 600 apprentices graduating.

Creasy and six men will receive their degree in construction management, the first since the province allowed colleges to offer degrees. Since all seven already had civil engineering technology diplomas, they entered the degree program in third year.

As a program manager for Manitoba Hydro, Creasy was the only student in her course working full-time. "Everything they were teaching us, I could apply right away.

"We’re in the transmission section, we build substations. I was already in the construction management area — I saw it as a way to advance myself," said Creasy.

"The only other option was to go into engineering... I don’t want to go onto the design side," said the graduate of Garden City Collegiate.

Through her degree studies, "I understand contract law better. They touch on an understanding of everything."

It was 11 years between RRC graduations for Creasy, who’d also gone to University of Manitoba out of high school, randomly taking science courses.

"Red River seems more fast-tracking to getting a job," she said. "When you’re a kid, there’s a stigmatism to going to college instead of university, which is silly."

Creasy was also the only woman in her program when she studied civil engineering technology, and there aren’t many women working in construction. "It’s challenging, for sure, you’re always trying to prove yourself."

There’s overcoming challenges and difficulties to succeed, and then there’s Jason Fillmore.

As a child in Island Lakes, Fillmore was bullied, he suffered stress that required extensive counselling, and his learning disabilities were never diagnosed.

And here Fillmore is now, graduating with a diploma in child and youth care, and working at two agencies that deal with children and youth experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties.

"Most of the kids I’m dealing with are struggling to find a place to live" on top of all their other issues, said Fillmore. They’re pretty much on their own. "My parents were always there, I always had a house — these kids don’t have that."

The kids are dealing in their early teens with what Fillmore went through until his early 20s, he said. "They’re trying to do that before they get aged out of the system."

Fillmore went to Niakwa School, but chose to pass up his neighbourhood high school, J.H. Bruns, because that’s where his bullies were going. Instead, he attended both Windsor Park Collegiate and Winnipeg Technical College, where he studied auto body painting.

"I ended up graduating when I was 20ish. The field is really hard to get into — I ended up washing cars. It’s hard to find someone to apprentice you," said Fillmore.

Those were hard years.

"I got into the drug scene," he recalled. Fillmore didn’t last long in retail jobs, because he had a math disability. Finally, he tried Red River, where a counsellor recommended Fillmore go to disability services for help.

"I was really afraid of being in college. It was going to be a struggle for me," said Fillmore.

RRC provided counselling and specialized software; he tried prescription medication, but found it left him ‘super-hyper’.

It turned out he had ADHD, dyslexia, and disabilities in reading, writing and math. "Huge gaps in my education," said Fillmore.

Don’t even dream of whining about your hours at work or how much you’d like to sleep in, not after you hear about Adebola Ogunsanya.

Ogunsanya is graduating with a diploma in disability and community support, a tough and demanding two-year course.

That hardly starts to describe Ogunsanya’s life and the demands on his time — he and his wife have two little kids, he’s got two fulltime jobs, and a part-time job.


"It is not easy to combine," said Ogunsanya. "I leave home at 11 p.m. Sunday and I don’t get home until 9 a.m. Wednesday."

Again, seriously.

"Man, it is not an easy sled. I don’t go for breaks, I sleep," whenever he isn’t in class or on the clock at work, he grabs a few winks, emphasis on the word few.

"Sometimes you have a headache, you have the stress (coming) out of your body," he said.

His fulltime jobs are working with disabled adults at the l’Avenir agency and as a security guard in the Exchange District. He’s also a substitute educational assistant in Pembina Trails School Division.

Now that Ogunsanya has graduated, he’ll fill in that gaping class time not with collapsing into bed, but going to school to upgrade his master’s of business administration to Canadian standards.

The 38-year-old who came to Manitoba from Nigeria five years ago was shocked to find out that Canada wouldn’t recognize his academic credentials.

"I was not happy, after spending years in school," he said. "You can’t just pick up your bag and say I’ll go back home. I said, OK, let me start here."

Ogunsanya’s wife had earlier earned a diploma in child and youth care before he enrolled at Red River, and they’ve got a third child on the way.

Once he has his MBA upgraded, said Ogunsanya, certainly he’s be using that disability and community service diploma in an agency — but he hopes to use it by being the boss.



The recipient of this year’s Red River College Honourary Diploma is Stella Blackbird.

Blackbird is from Keeseekoowenin First Nation, a survivor of the residential school system, and one of Canada’s primary keepers of traditional aboriginal knowledge and wisdom. She has served as an elder, traditional healer, medicine teacher and facilitator for healing programs and traditional teachings across Canada and the U.S.

Since 1995, Blackbird has served as elder for Urban Circle Training Centre in Winnipeg’s North End. In partnership with Red River College, Urban Circle delivers certified training in the fields of health care, education, family support work, and early childhood education. As elder, Blackbird provides counseling for students and shares her extensive knowledge of aboriginal culture, traditional medicines and the traditional way of life. She has mentored many young leaders to ensure that the sacred teachings and the traditional way of life are not lost.

Mark Queen receives the Industrial Technologies 2013 Teaching Excellence Award, which recognizes a full-time permanent faculty member who has exhibited exemplary instructional qualities over a sustained period.

An instructor in Red River College’s Civil Engineering Technology department, Queen has been with the college since 1999. Since then, he has instructed a wide range of courses in both the Geomatics Technology and Municipal Engineering Technology programs. Recently, he has redeveloped, reorganized and delivered two courses for RRC’s bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.

Queen has always worked diligently to develop his own course notes, which provide students with information and examples that apply directly to their program. He consults with other instructors for feedback and other supporting information that enhances the material he’s teaching, and often demonstrates how the material relates to courses taught by other instructors within the same program.

He has also taken on the responsibility of developing the first-year Surveying course for RRC’s School of Continuing Education, and manages all students taking the course online.

Before arriving at Red River College, Queen worked in construction and with local survey firms, and as a researcher at Queen’s University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering and a Master’s in Geological Engineering (both with honours). He’s also earned a Diploma in Geomatics Technology from Red River College (again, with honours) and a Certificate in Adult Education.


Lieutenant-Governor’s Medals for Proficiency:

Jocelle Cuvos and Abby Silva

A graduate of Red River College’s Business Administration program, Jocelle Cuvos first enrolled in the hopes of one day becoming an entrepreneur, and of eventually starting her own photography studio — a passion since high school.

Having now completed her studies at RRC (while maintaining a very busy extra-curricular schedule), she plans to continue her education by obtaining a degree from the University of Manitoba’s I.H. Asper School of Business.

While a student at RRC, Cuvos served as president of the Students’ Association, and played on both the soccer and volleyball teams. She says the experiences allowed her to give back to her community, as both an ambassador for the college and a volunteer in such initiatives as the RRC Shinerama, a charity event that raised funds for cystic fibrosis research and care.

Cuvos, a Tec Voc graduate, plans to continue her involvement with the college as a volunteer Student Ambassador (who’ll promote RRC to prospective students) and by attending as many Rebels games as her schedule will allow!

Also a graduate of Red River College’s Business Administration program, Abby Silva was at first drawn to the college by the flexible and diverse career opportunities that awaited her in the field of business.

She plans to leverage her RRC training as an entry point to further accreditation, by pursuing a designation as a Chartered Accountant (CA) while also seeking part-time employment in the accounting industry.

Like fellow medal winner Jocelle Cuvos, Silva was heavily involved in athletics while attending the college (and twice won basketball tournament MVP honours at the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference). A member of the Rebels Women’s Basketball team, Silva, a graduate of Sisler High School, says her involvement in sports kept her motivated and determined in her academic pursuits, by allowing her to develop an active routine that kept her healthy, focused and constantly striving for success.

She plans to maintain that routine as a member of an outside basketball league that also affords opportunity for community outreach, through fundraisers, tournaments and other volunteer-driven events. She attributes her success at Red River College to a combination of hard work, patience, and — most importantly — a positive attitude.




Aboriginal Language Specialist — Tiffany Cote-McKay

Aboriginal Self-Government Administration — Brianne Sand

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer — Raunak Shashidhara Salian

American Sign Language,English Interpretation — Leanne Kelly Muldrew

Animal Health Technology — Lisa Marie Sandquist Rea

Business Administration (Office Management) — Shannon Smith

Business Information Technology (Web Development) — Benjamin Allan Repay

Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology — Daniel David Tronrud

Child and Youth Care — Karla Mary Hendrickson

Civil Engineering Technology (Architectural) — Kevin Daniel Todd

Community Development/Economic Development — Janessa Ruth Hiebert

Computer Applications for Business — Jo-Anne Kendra Quill

Creative Communications — Alana Michelle Odegard

Digital Media Design — Johanna Schmidt

Digital Media Design — Jaclyn Anna Vadeboncoeur

Disability and Community Support — Jeannine Nicole Blanchette

Early Childhood Education — Cynthia Watcher

Graphic Design — E. A. Ritchot

Greenspace Management — Richard Rene Dionne

Library and Information Technology — Miranda Beth Forrest

Network Technology (CCNP) — Travis Cole Mauthe

Power Engineering Technology — David John Stuart-Edwards

Technical Communication — Jocelyne Helene Claire Olson



Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:

Mohammad Jawad Chaudhry, Robert Garry Glover, Dylan J. Pereira, Raunak Shashidhara Salian — Snap-On Tools


Animal Health Technology:

Stephanie Bourgeois, Melanie Anne Hildebrand — Barbara Nagler Memorial

Jenesis Elizabeth Caughy — Merial Canada

Caitlin Christina Fewings — Dr. Nancy Brock Anesthesia

Christine Michelle Filopoulos — Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada, Small Animal Nutrition

Brandi Elizabeth Nesplak — Canadian Animal Blood Bank, Manitoba Animal Health Technologist Association

Nicole Renee Pelletier — Elsevier Science Canada

Lisa Marie Sandquist Rea — Southglen Veterinary Hospital, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association

Teja Billie Rae Sigurdson — McPhillips Animal Hospital Nursing

Robyn LeeAnn Winters — Animal Health Technology Faculty


Applied Accounting:

Roxanne Valerie Chornoboy, Kulwinder Ghumaan Grewal — Accounting and Computer Education, Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba

Michelle Ha, Michael D. Walpole, Jamil Zahoor — Gladys Bell

Luis Canete Santiago — James Wood Institute


Architectural/Engineering Technology:

Stephane Maurice Dorge, Hayley Rehberg — Paul Charette

Darren Sean Irvine, Adam Bryce Warkentin — Bird Construction Company Limited

Michael Steven Patrick Sagriff — Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd.

Ryan Andrew Stoddart — Flynn Canada

Kevin Todd — Civil Engineering Technology


Aviation Management: 

Alexander Kosnick-Dobson — Geoffrey C. Morrow Memorial


Building Design CAD Technology:

Joel S. Duhaime — TD Insurance Meloche Monnex

Michael P. J. Kelly — Paterson GlobalFoods

Thesaurus-Mariae Villamiel Lucas — Civil Engineering Technology


Business Administration:

David Andrew Aubel, Luke Andrew Bergen, Gregorio Alejandro Blanco Rivas, Janelle Allyson Brisson, Cramer Donovan Coulthart, Michel Andre Daignault, Elise Marielle Delaquis, Katie J. Doolan, Shyanne Emily Geddie, Ziang Jin, Zhen Liang, Jennifer Jeanne Marie Usunier, Ying Wu, Yamei Zhou — Academic Achievement Graduation

Patrick Denis Audette — Leslie Snell Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba

Colby Daniel George Deighton — Business Administration Mentorship, Academic Achievement Graduation

Sarah Kate Dobson-Wood, Guanping Jiang — Leslie Snell Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba, Academic Achievement Graduation

Wei Du, Blanche Hazel Garma, Michelle Stabner — Business Administration Mentorship

Simmie Beth Globerman, Leanne Marie Vogt, Grace Angelique Wieser — Business Administration Bridging

Kristin D. Kazlauskas, Kate Samantha Morrison — Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce, Academic Achievement Graduation

Sarah Marie Maynard — Academic Achievement Graduation, Peter Nykoluk Memorial

Roline Thi Nguyen — International Student

Coleen Pagar, Crystal Tamara Dawn Alice Smith, Amber M. Stade, Yue Zhang — Peter Nykoluk Memorial

Kirk Joseph Smith — Norm Konowalchuk Memorial

Shannon Smith — Academic Achievement Graduation, Business Administration Bridging

Mindy Lee Tucker — Matthew Matczuk Memorial

Tabea Unruh — Bison Transport

Yuqing Zhang — Leslie Snell Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba, Academic Achievement Graduation, International Student


Business Administration Integrated: 

Grady Patrick Doyle, Henry Langit, Paul Lorne Sigurdson — Academic Achievement


Business Information Technology:

Julia Marie Albig, Dustin Matthew Green, Robert James MacPherson, Gannon Mulcolm McGibbon, Benjamin Allan Repay, Joseph Avegail Tadiarca — Accounting and Computer Education

Hyung Ki Choi — Accounting and Computer Education, Paterson Global Foods

Kelly Kolisnik — Ricoh Canada

Collin William Allan Quick — Paterson GlobalFoods

Michael Sunico, Clayton Gary Wallace — Accounting and Computer Education, MTS Academic Excellence

Pascal Marc Vachon — Henry Penner Memorial


Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology:

Aiden Strothers — Academic Achievement, H. C. McGregor Memorial

Daniel David Tronrud — H. C. McGregor Memorial

William E. Zenert — Academic Achievement



Nathaniel Anore Alejandro, Ryan Samuel Groombridge, Wayne Thomas Kear, Brian Peter Paul Smoley, Lesley Ann Smyth, Jared Tyler Storimans — Pre-Employment

Dawn M. Dueck, Adrian Michael Greene, Marc Mitchell Lapointe, Brody Jordan Stoneham — H. C. McGregor Memorial

Cody Charles Seguin — David McClelland Memorial


Child and Youth Care: 

Kendra Danae Bell — Ross A. Johnston

Rebecca Lynn Brown — Knowles Centre Justice Jim Smith Memorial

Maegan Erin Carbotte — Macdonald Youth Services

Chelsea Champagne — New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families

Chelsea Ashley Connelly — Project Neechewan

Karla Mary Hendrikson — Naturas, Ross A. Johnston

Bretton Ann Meyer — Child and Youth Care Workers Association of Manitoba, Ross A. Johnston

Isabelle Nathalie Moreau — MK (Community Services)

Carrie Anne Smith — Ross A. Johnston

Angeline M. Thackeray — Manitoba Association of Residential Treatment Resources

Teighan Judith Turner — B & L Youth Services Cameron Lecuyer Memorial

Lorraine Norma Williams — Susan McDonald Memorial

Jennifer Jeanna Verghetti — Marymound


Commerce/Industry Sales and Marketing

Michel Alexandre David — Outstanding Student

Sarah Ruth Tait — Academic Achievement

Diego Sacha Todres — Outstanding Sales Performance


Construction Management:

Timothy James Davidson, Sadie Lynn Esashko, Brett Erik Gustafson, Jorge Felipe Antonio Laba, Yared Tekle Melketsadik, Michael William Tucker — Winnipeg Construction Association

Matthew Raymond Holoka — Manitoba Heavy Construction Association, Cornerstone

Ashwin Kadaba, Devan Hugh McLenaghan, Dominique Jacob Pereira — Paul Charette

Julia Katrine Vossen — Manitoba Heavy Construction Association

David Wiebe — EllisDon Excellence



Creative Communications:

David W. Baxter, Graeme E. D. Coleman, Meghan Brandy Franklin — Eric and Jack Wells Excellence in Journalism

Marianne Gisele Champagne-Brunet — Bob Brandson Student

Meaghan Cardine Joy Crane, Kyle Matthew Jahns, Natasha Lee Woloschuk — Don Wittman Memorial

Emily Rose Doer, Jaclyn Mary Dyck Leskiw — S.A.M. Advertising Award for Excellence

Elizabeth Alexandria Fraser — Manitoba Community Newspapers Association, Eric and Jack Wells Excellence in Journalism

Ryan Sean Kessler — Manitoba Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association Jack Matheson, Eric and Jack Wells Excellence in Journalism, Don Wittman Memorial, Shaw

Megan Ambre Merasty — Broadcasters Association of Manitoba Aboriginal

Alana Michelle Odegard — Canadian Public Relations Society Manitoba

Brittany Denise Paulhus — University Women’s Club of Winnipeg

Bettina Ruth Pogson, Bryan Wrede — Shaw

Luke Anthony Reimer — Robert Drinnan Memorial, MTS Allstream

Zachary R. Samborski — John Harding Memorial

Kristen Ann Shaw — Advertising Association of Winnipeg, James S. Purvis Memorial

Amanda Simoes — Women in Media

Kathryn Elizabeth Slimmon — Broadcasters Association of Manitoba Television Production

Owen Brady Swinn — Broadcasters Association of Manitoba Radio Production

Matthew Peter TenBruggencate — Professional Writers’ Association of Canada, Manitoba Chapter

Amanda Rae Thorsteinson — Eric and Jack Wells Excellence in Journalism, Shaw

Sara Elizabeth Wasiuta — Advertising Association of Winnipeg


Dental Assisting Level II:

Nicole Darlene Bonenfant — Manitoba Dental Association, Dental Assisting Faculty, Drs. J. Perry and N. Boorberg Additional Skills

Susan Dawn Cutler — Sinclair Dental, Drs. J. Perry and N. Boorberg Additional Skills

Dawn Dumontet — Sinclair Dental, Dental Assisting Faculty

Tracey Lynn Engel, Candace Nicole Lyons — Manitoba Dental Assistants Association

Karen Friesen — Dental Assisting Faculty

Nicole Christine Froggatt — Germiphene

Chelsie Hirsch — Sinclair Dental, Sunstar Americas

Lisa Marie Lambert — Manitoba Dental Association, Hu-Friedy, Dental Assisting Faculty

Marisa Diana Lemire, Laura Edith Elizabeth Wiebe — Sunstar Americas


Digital Media Design: 

Ranee Dong — Digital Media Design Award of Excellence

Jonathan Abram Dueck, Jonathan Jyles Klassen — Vision TV

Rim Schewczyk, Ashley Candace Wiebe — Women in Media/CHUM


Disability and Community Support:

Warren Claude Harris — MK (Community Services)

Amanda-Dawn Leochko, Denita Rose Siemens — Jason Mueller Memorial

Evan Donald Wicklund — Association for Community Living Winnipeg


Early Childhood Education: 

Sharan Cheema — Irene Stratford

Nicole Jean Dubois, Nicole Anne Tanasiciuk — "Our Children, Our Ways"

Leah Ranae Edmonds, Nehal Ebrahim Elbogdady — MK (Community Services)

Brittany Holm, Skye Strong — Early Childhood Education Student

Lingli Li — Frances Evers Early Childhood

Andrew Joseph Ross — Pat Lucki Memorial

Melody Elaine Seaton — Dr. Gretta Brown



Martin Richard Dobson, Michael J. Halligan, Christien Thomas James Harding, Neil David Schofield — H.C. McGregor Memorial

Vanessa Spring Winkworth — International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


Electronic and Network Technician:

Kevin Edward Davis — Jessica Miner


Environmental Protection Technology:

Cathilyn Greaves, Raisa Jerao — Elizabeth Ptashnik Memorial

Sabrina Sai-Yun Leung, Caitlyn Mae Peters — Frank M. Fowler Memorial

John Palson — Civil Engineering Technology


Geomatics Technology:

Damion Bernard — Louis Picard Memorial

Neil Christensen — Alberta Land Surveyors Asssociation

Leo Paul Duval — Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors

David F. D. Eng — Bryan I. Dreger

Travis Edwin Hubble — Alberta Land Surveyors Association, Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors, Private Members

Lori-Ann J. MacDonald — Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba


Graphic Design:

Crystal Rachelle Carrette, Matthew David Kehler — OnWard Draw-On

Chui Choy — Valerie Fostey Memorial

Eric John Nocon Dizon, Darcee Rynae Lytwyn — Dennis Pankiw Memorial

Abra Dueck — Mandy Coyne Memorial

Mike David Haynes — OnWard Achiever

Sarah Marie Kruger, Kristin Masters — Harold and Doris Margolis

E. A. Ritchot — S.A.M

Andrea Emeline Tria — S.A.M, Terry Kuzina Memorial


Graphic Design — Advanced:

Dustin Kane George — Dennis Pankiw Memorial

Bradley Dean Gerbrandt — Barbara Cook Endres

Christian Lloyd Gutierrez Gilbang — Bruce Gillespie Collection, Harold and Doris Margolis


Greenspace Management:

Richard Rene Dionne, Timothy Michael Konsorada, Jennifer Leigh Roscoe — Greenspace Management Faculty

Matthew Alexander Kellas, Andrew Grant McComb — Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association

Julianne Shea Marinelli — Greenspace Management Faculty Practicum

Amanda Nicole — Rental Experts, Morgan-Gravel

Jade Alexis Raizenne — Manitoba Horticultural Societies Hortscape

Marshall Anthony West — Rental Experts


Health Information Management:

Carman Dale Sorochynski — Outstanding Student

Ricardo Bernadus Van-Amelsvoort-Barran — MED2020 Health Care Software Inc., Manitoba Health Information Management Association, Salumatics Inc.


International Business:

Abiola Afusat Bakara — Academic Achievement

Svitlana Baryshnikova — Outstanding Student


Introduction to Business Information Technology:

Owen Peterson, Hoangnam Vu — Accounting and Computer Education


Library and Information Technology:

Jennifer Silvia Borgfjord McLeod — Library and Information Technology

Amanda M. Gajausky — Manitoba Library Association

Ebony Lynn Novakowski — PAR Excellence E.Q.

Diana Elizabeth Saunders, Darren Gerard Wesselius — Betty Andrich Memorial


Manufacturing Technician: 

Paul Ikkert, Ryan Steck, Devyn James Toews — C K Machine Tool & Industrial Supply

Ivan Kucher — Ted M. Konyk, Dynamic Machine Corporation

Collin Emerson McDougall, Patrick Anthony Unruh — Thomas Skinner Cory N. Stewart — H. C. McGregor Memorial

Andre Whynot — Ted M. Konyk, H. C. McGregor Memorial


Municipal Engineering Technology: 

Robert Boger — Frank M. Fowler Memorial

Hannah Jayne Compton, Jeremy Curtis Estrella — Stantec Consulting Ltd

Remigio Espiritu — Manitoba Good Roads Association

Supun Fernando — Neelin Wilson Construction

Louis Eugene Maluk — AECOM

Doug Murray — Robert Kwok Memorial

Kerri Joy Reckseidler — Lewis Instruments

Steven Mark Repa — F. Ross Browne CSC



Luc Rheal Bernard, Larry Giesbrecht, Jason Hatland, Cameron Kenneth Jackson — H.C. McGregor Memorial

Jared Debreczeni, Anthony Penner — Wolseley Mechanical, Steve Murowski

Justin David McInnes, Tyler K. McNaughton, Blake Joseph Molinski, Darien William Pitt — Pre-Employment


Power Engineering Technology: 

Rhandy Bambalan — Eric Littler Memorial Award

Musavuli Matata — Karel Van Helden Memorial

David John Stuart-Edwards, Zhefei Xie — Institute of Power Engineers


Power Engineering Technology: 

Tarsem Singh Kalsi — H.C. McGregor Memorial


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician:

Cory Adrian Brownson — H.C. McGregor Memorial


Structural Engineering Technology:

Vladislav Andreyev, Derek Miles Condon — Paul Charette

Kyle Morgan Arneson, Daniel Mulaire, Darren Spring — Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd

Kimberly Barrion, Paolo Alcazar Ferrer — Beach Rocke Engineering

Miguel Marcelo Fulugan — Paterson GlobalFoods

Jason Daniel Guenther — Neelin Wilson Construction

Michael Brendan Hayward — AECOM

Landon William Little — Ken Rist Memorial

Allan Scott — Frank M. Fowler Memorial

Anna Elizabeth Wor — Flynn Canada



Dwayne Clifford Chartrand, Dennie Shawn Lewicki — H.C. McGregor Memorial

Jessica Lee Patrick — Phil McGregor

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