October 4, 2015


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Ashley Prest | @WFPAshleyPrest

Oct 4 3:17 pm

Geraldine Shingoose gives prayer and blessing in honour of MMIW and people hanging out Red Dresses pic.twitter.com/DuGRPaEMoI

Ashley Prest | @WFPAshleyPrest

Oct 4 3:11 pm

RCMP officers in attendance at rally for MMIW, to begin shortly pic.twitter.com/V9Js6M1eKl

Ashley Prest | @WFPAshleyPrest

Oct 4 3:08 pm

Crowd is gathering at the steps of Leg building for rally Missimg/Murdered Indigenous Women starting shortly pic.twitter.com/7xzxzE86mN

Ashley Prest | @WFPAshleyPrest

Oct 4 3:01 pm

A butterfly made from bouquets of carnations adorn steps at Leg rally for Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women pic.twitter.com/YHfDsO6kz1

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Oct 4 2:49 pm

Trudeau says we don't need to convince conservatives to leave Harper. Convince them he's left them. #elxn42


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