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Nigeria: A plunge into the unknown

Nigerian former Gen. Muhammadu Buhari speaks moments after he was presented with a certificate to show he won the election in Abuja, Nigeria, Wednesday.


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  • Medical students from four major Quebec universities demonstrate against Bill 20 on health, Monday, March 30, 2015 near the legislature in Quebec City.

    Maple Spring turns sour in Quebec

    12:57 PM 0
  • The Arlington Bridge is a Winnipeg landmark that is worth preserving for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Don't destroy Arlington Bridge

    8:33 AM 0
  • Temporary workers face unjust crackdown

    3:00 AM 0

    As part of an ongoing overhaul of the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) the federal government imposed what is referred ...

  • Working together to bridge the divide

    7:02 AM 0

    Humour. Who would think it's the bridge we need to get us all talking? But for two Manitobans -- one ...

  • An Air Canada jet takes off from Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Enfield, N.S. Air Canada has announced it is changing its policy on the number of people required in the cockpit of its aircraft, a move prompted by the Germanwings plane crash in France.

    Should airplanes be run by computers?

    03/31/2015 1:15 PM 0
  • This artist's rendering provided by NASA shows an Earth-sized planet dubbed Kepler-186f orbiting a star 500 light-years from Earth. Astronomers say the planet may hold water on its surface and is the best candidate yet of a habitable planet in the ongoing search for an Earth twin.

    Message to aliens: Can we talk?

    03/31/2015 1:00 PM 0
  • IS may unite Arab world

    03/31/2015 1:09 PM 0

    An old saw has it that “Arab unity” is an oxymoron on par with “military intelligence.” Read not as racial ...

  • Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press files
Sadie Lavoie, the Aboriginal Student Commissioner for the Canadian Federation of Students, was heavily involved in getting an indigenous course proposal approved at the U of W.

    Mandatory indigenous courses add value

    03/31/2015 7:16 AM 0
  • Former Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith, centre, looks on as Okotoks town councillor Carrie Fischer defeats her in the Highwood Progressive Conservative nomination race in High River, Alta. on Mar. 28.

    Smith's Shakespearean tragedy

    03/31/2015 10:05 AM 0


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April 1, 2015

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