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  • Welcome help from women

    2:00 PM

    ON two separate occasions, I had two beautiful ladies offer me assistance when I was in need.

    The first time, a young girl saw me struggling with grocery bags. It was raining hard, and I had a lot of bags and was alone. She helped me carry them for several blocks. She was such good help. I always knew the youth in this city were awesome — now it has been proven. Thank you so much. On the second occasion, I had two big bags and several smaller bags. This beautiful lady stopped me and offered me help. She was such good help, too.

    I feel so lucky to have had such beautiful ladies offer me their gift of helping. I will pay it forward when I see someone who needs help.

    — Mary Burton


  • Mom returned missing wallet

    07/23/2014 2:00 PM

    I WOULD like to thank a young mom for returning a wallet our student had lost.

    One of the international students we host went on his first shopping trip with friends by bus. On his way home from Polo Park, he lost his wallet. It contained important identification, as well as $70.

    We called Winnipeg Transit and retraced his steps, but nothing showed up. Two days later, a young mom came to the door and asked if somebody had lost a wallet. She had found it on Watt Street when she walked her son to school that morning.

    The ID and other important documents were there, minus the money.

    Thank you to this wonderful lady, who drove all the way to our house to return it to the anxious student.

    I did not ask her name, but what a great example she is to her children and our international students.

    — Ann Fehr


  • Help on a hot day

    07/22/2014 2:00 PM

    IN the midst of May’s heat wave, I set out to buy two kiddie pools for my dogs. I found what I needed at Walmart’s garden centre.

    I bought the large pool. No problem, I thought, because I have a mid-sized car. As I was dragging these pools through the parking lot, a lady offered to help me carry them to my car.

    Turns out it was a problem: They wouldn’t fit in the back seat.

    I was going to tie them to the roof, but the lady who came to my help said, "I’ll just check with my husband. We have a truck and can take them to your house."

    Sure enough, this lady and her husband loaded the pools in their truck and took them to my home. I offered them money for their time and gas, but they wouldn’t accept it.

    Thank you to this couple, who were so gracious and kind on such a hot day. They went above and beyond being kind to another person. It really restores a person’s faith in the human race.

    — June Cartwright


  • Truck driver’s quick thinking a lifesaver

    07/21/2014 11:21 AM

    IT was an act of kindness, but much more than that: the act of saving my life.

    I was waiting to walk across a busy street in Winnipeg’s warehouse district. After a long wait, the light turned red a block away. Cars in the curb lane were stopped for a couple of blocks, and there was no traffic in the opposite lanes. I waved to the driver of a stopped truck to alert him I was going to cross in front of his vehicle.

    As I passed in front of the truck, just in line with the driver’s side, the driver blasted the horn. The loud sound startled me and stopped me in my tracks. At that same instant, a vehicle raced past in the adjacent lane.

    Despite the confusion, I realized if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of the driver in the stopped truck, I would have stepped into the path of the speeding vehicle, and my life would likely have ended.

    After carefully checking the adjacent lane, I crossed the street. In my embarrassment and confusion, I didn’t even look back to give the man who saved my life a wave of thanks.

    My hope is he reads these words and realizes his actions saved a life.

    This Father’s Day was special for me and my family. A very heartfelt thank you to the man who saved my life. I hope his Father’s Day was special, too.

    — Ken Hildebrand


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