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  • Coupons from shopper cut sister’s bill in half

    I was accompanying my sister, Arlene, as she shopped at Pennington’s.

    When she was paying for her purchases, the cashier asked my sister whether she had any coupons, and she did have one.

    Another customer overheard us and offered my sister some coupons she would not be using for that day’s purchase.

    When all was said and done, my sister got all her purchases for half-price. Wow.

    Needless to say, we were delighted.

    This was a godsend, especially as my sister and family have been through a rough time with severe medical issues.

    Thanks again to the lady who was so generous.

    — Sara Plett


  • A big help after hip surgery

    I am legally blind and take Vital Transit every Monday morning to do my grocery shopping.

    The driver is so helpful, but recently he went beyond the call of duty. I want to thank him for his kindness and compassion.

    Recently, I fell and ended up in the hospital with a fractured hip. Robert became very concerned that I had missed several of my appointments. Once I arrived home, he knocked on my door to find out what had happened to me. When I told him about the problem with my hip, he volunteered to grocery shop for me while I healed from surgery.

    I can’t thank him enough for his thoughtfulness and genuine concern for me. It is so comforting to know he looks out for me and, I am sure, all his other customers.

    — Pat Gauthier


  • VIP doctor truly cares

    WE had to rush our mom, Gloria, to the emergency room at Concordia Hospital in July.

    Dr. Larry Reynolds was the attending physician. Not only did he calm her worries, he also gave us his pager number and told our family we could call him any time with questions.

    Since that time, our mom has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently receiving chemo treatments at St. Boniface Hospital. During her last treatment, Dr. Reynolds took time to visit, even though Mom is not his patient.

    It’s so great to have met a doctor who really cares. He teases my mom and calls her a VIP patient. We think he is a VIP doc! Thank you very much, Dr. Reynolds.

    — Brenda Hrycyk


  • A big thank-you to driver who saved tiny dogs

    ONE recent morning, one of my little Shih Tzu dogs got loose. As I started to look for him and close my back gate, my other Shih Tzu ran away.

    I was close to tears as the dogs ran down Keewatin Street towards Inkster Boulevard, where all the busy traffic was. I tried to get them to come back, with no luck.

    I went back to my house to get leashes, and when I got back the dogs were gone. By then I was frantic, fearing the worst would happen and they would get hit by a car.

    Then my cellphone rang. The caller was a United Messenger delivery driver who had picked my dogs up as they were running across Keewatin. I am so grateful for the wonderful thing this man did for my family by calling the number on their dog tags.

    Good deeds often go unnoticed. It seems all we ever hear about are the bad things people do, never the good. This very nice man should be given his day of praise. He is a hero and a true gentleman in my book.

    Oreo and Nixon are now resting comfortably on their favourite chair after their adventure down Keewatin, and I can relax with my furry friends peacefully, knowing Winnipeg has been blessed with one very special delivery driver with a kind heart.


    — JoAnne Schaworski


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