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  • Napoleon ends purse panic

    HAVE you had that moment of panic when you realize your purse is not with you when you get home?

    I made the mistake of leaving my bag in a shopping cart in the parking lot at the Costco on Regent Avenue West.

    Soon after I arrived at my rural home, a nice man named Napoleon phoned and asked if I was missing my purse.

    Instant relief.

    Thanks to his honesty, I was able to pick up my bag, which had all my life in it.

    Thank you so much, Napoleon, for calling and bringing my bag out from the city.

    — Rose Gerbasi


  • Passerby’s offer to help brings tears

    EITHER I was just blessed with the offering of a random act of kindness from a complete stranger or I’m starting to look very old and fragile.

    I was outside cleaning piles of snow off my car and then shovelling the driveway of my Crescentwood home.

    I had maybe another 10 or so minutes to go and was taking a rest when a parka-clad man walked down the back lane.

    He glanced at me, so I smiled and said, "Hi." He said, "Hello. How is your day?"

    I laughed and said, "Well, not so great right now." Then he stopped and turned around and said, "Here, let me do that for you."

    I said, "Oh, that is so nice of you, but it’s OK. I’m almost finished. Thank you so much."

    He said, "I’m serious. If you just hand me the shovel, I will do it for you."

    I replied, "Oh my gosh, sir, that is one of the kindest gestures ever, but really I will be fine. I have done this before and will be doing it again, but I cannot thank you enough. Please carry on and have a great day."

    He said "OK, you take care as well."

    I pulled out a Kleenex, not to blow my nose this time out in the cold, but to wipe a few tears from my eyes.

    Wow, thank you sir!


    — Tracy Baldwin


  • Seniors promise to pay it forward

    WE bought a microwave for our daughter at Home Depot, then discovered it would not fit in the backseat, nor the trunk.

    We were discussing who we knew who had a big enough vehicle when a couple passing by heard us. The man asked where we live. When I told him, he said they lived there, too, and could take the oven in their bigger vehicle.

    It was totally mind-blowing. We are two seniors, and this young couple — who didn’t know us — was offering to do a very major favour for us. They put the oven in their vehicle and followed us all the way home. How kind was that?

    I want to send a major thank-you to Dave and Kerri of Parkdale Street. You are both amazing people, and I am sorry we made you go out of your way when you still had to go to Walmart.

    We will definitely pay it forward, with you in mind.

    — Joyce and Al Cannon


  • ‘Angel Bob’ saved the day with borrowed shovel

    MY granddaughter and I attended the Emily Bear concert at Centennial Concert Hall on Nov. 29.

    We considered ourselves fortunate to find a free parking spot on the east side of Main Street between McDermot and Bannatyne avenues. Following an amazing show, and feeling fortunate to have seen such amazing talent, we walked back to my car.

    Our lighthearted feelings vanished quickly when we found my car — along with all the cars around us — completely boxed in, with windrows of ice and snow packed around the doors, wheels and underneath the vehicles. Obviously, a snow plow had buried all the vehicles. There was absolutely no way I could move my car.

    A lady whose car was three cars north of mine was trying to shovel herself out. When she finished, she loaned me her shovel and waited in her car. (Note to self: Put a shovel in my trunk.)

    My granddaughter and I were making little headway in clearing the snow and ice away. Heavy traffic was passing us, and I was concerned we would be struck by a moving vehicle.

    A man who passed us saw our plight, found a parking spot farther away and returned to shovel us out. He was stronger than either of us, told us to sit in our car, and then worked diligently until done. He offered to stay until we were on the road and indicated he would push us out if need be.

    I was able to thank him for his help and drive away without a push. He would only give his name as Bob. However, I called him Angel Bob as we drove home.

    Thanks so much to the lady who loaned us her shovel and to Angel Bob, who worked so hard to free my vehicle.

    We will pay forward this good deed.

    — K. Dunlop


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