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  • Stranger stopped the bleeding

    I was driving with my daughters when my youngest, who is seven years old, had a nosebleed.

    I pulled into a strip mall on Portage Avenue and gave her some napkins from the glove compartment.

    It was then I realized it was a serious nosebleed and that she would need medical attention.

    Starting to worry, I knocked on a locked door at one of the businesses. It was a Chinese acupuncturist, and it was closed.

    I asked the acupuncturist if he would assist me, and he said to bring my daughter into the building. He calmly applied cotton balls to her nose and reassured her.

    My daughter started to relax, and after about 20 minutes her nose stopped bleeding.

    I want to say thank you for taking the time to help a stranger. It meant a lot to us.

    — Matthew and Madison Steingart


  • The world is a fabulous place

    JUST wanted to say thank you to the kind man at the Jets game. There’s nothing better than a hotdog at the game.

    When I went to pay I had a $5 bill and my debit card. I quickly found out they only take cash or credit, and my $5 wasn’t enough. I was so bummed.

    The guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and offered to pay for my hotdog. I tried to give him my $5 bill, but he wouldn’t take it.

    I love being reminded the world is still a pretty fabulous place to be.

    — Christen Roos



  • Very grateful for gift card

    I love the comfort and excitement of a stack of new books, but most days there’s no room in my budget from them.

    I was at Chapters Polo Park, resisting temptation, when I found one book I absolutely couldn’t leave on the shelf. I tried, but it kept pulling me back. It was the last copy on the shelf.

    I very reluctantly asked if there was any room for movement on the price, something I am not usually comfortable with. The clerk smiled and pulled out a $10 gift card from her pocket and asked "Will this help?"

    I nearly teared up.

    She said someone earned the gift card with a purchase but decided to leave it at the till for someone who needs it.

    I am truly grateful to my Chapters angel. You made my day. I will replace that gift card to help someone else.

    The book means so much more to me now. It will be a constant inspiration to pay it forward.


    — Adrienne Mack


  • Helping hand a treat after Halloween destruction

    MY husband and I proudly put up a large Halloween display each year. I decorate, and he does the lighting.

    We do it for the fun and for all the neighbourhood kids, plus our grandkids, to enjoy.

    Once it’s dull and dark outside early in the day, we light it up morning and evening to share with all the people on their way to work and back, especially those transporting kids. We live on the corner of Des Meurons Street, so we get lots of looks. Recently, we also had visitors who vandalized our display.

    On a Saturday, in broad daylight, four younger guys walked into our yard and started tearing apart the display, pushing over benches and ruining everything. On top of this destruction of property, they also threw planters and pots over our fence onto Des Meurons to smash them and cause traffic problems, all the while laughing and enjoying themselves.

    The good part of this story — the one that makes my heart happy and makes me want to continue putting up our Halloween display — is what happened after that. My husband and I noticed a large group of people standing outside our front yard, so I went out to greet them and apologize for the mess. It was a large group of students from the special education class at Glenwood School who had come for a visit. Their teachers said it was their third visit to our house.

    I explained that being two seniors, we weren’t strong enough by ourselves to pick up and restore the benches ourselves, so we were unable to put things back. The teachers quickly volunteered to assist and righted the heavy benches quickly and easily while I oversaw the production.

    What a difference this group of men made, with their spontaneous, random act of kindness.

    It shows good people can make up for what some bad people do.

    — Lisa Allard


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