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  • Grateful for gesture

    09/9/2014 2:00 PM

    MY daughter and I were making a trip to the University of Manitoba bookstore. We went to park at the engineering complex because it is less expensive than the parkade. When I got out of the car to buy parking time, a young man gave us his dashboard ticket, which still had time left on it.

    Even though it was only a saving of about $3, every penny counts at this time of year because of the cost of books and tuition. Thanks to the young man and his companion. Good luck with your studies.

    — Carol Nikkel



  • A promise to pay it forward

    09/8/2014 2:00 PM

    I HAVE always been attracted to your "random acts of kindness" column. The stories have made me feel better about the world, especially after reading endless stories of global wars and the acts of cruelty that occur in our own city.

    The other evening I was the recipient of a stranger’s generosity, and would like to share my story with other readers. My husband and I were standing in line to see a movie at Silver City when a woman using a cane handed us a coupon I initially thought entitled us to extra Air Miles on the purchase of our tickets.

    We discovered at the ticket window we had been given two free tickets to the movie. It also included popcorn and two free drinks.

    I cannot describe how elated we felt. I didn’t thank this woman properly, not knowing what she had given us. She appeared at the time to be pleased at "paying it forward," so hopefully she will excuse my seemingly ungrateful manner. At the right moment, I want to have the privilege of paying it forward to someone else.

    Please keep printing your excellent column.

    —Louise E. Love (East St. Paul)


  • One gracious act

    09/7/2014 2:00 PM

    AFTER leaving the Tom Petty concert, my daughter’s phone fell out of her pocket.

    As my wife was pulling into traffic in front of the MTS Centre, a young woman ran through the traffic and gestured to my daughter to open her window. Much to her surprise, this young woman handed my daughter her phone. It happened so fast we have no idea who this Good Samaritan is, but we sincerely thank her for her gracious act of kindness.

    — Barry Henry


  • Thanks for the help

    09/6/2014 2:00 PM

    MY husband and I had just finished breakfast at Stella’s on Portage Avenue and were returning to our car to drive home.

    We noticed the two men in the truck that had just parallel-parked in front of us were gathered around one of our back tires. When we got to the car, one of the men informed us we had a flat tire.

    The other man was a contractor and had a portable air compressor in his truck. This kind man filled our tire with air, saving us from having to call a tow truck.

    We thanked the men for their selfless act and headed to the nearest garage: Kal Tire on Pembina Highway. The garage was busy that day, but they squeezed us in.

    After some outstanding customer service, my husband and I drove home amazed at the kindness of our fellow Winnipeggers.

    Thank you, kind gentlemen, and thank you, Kal Tire, for your help.

    — Nicole Gareau-Wilson


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