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  • Four young people to the rescue

    I was rushing to go to a funeral when I got stuck in a snowbank on Smithfield Avenue and Jones Street by a church. I tried to get out by myself but couldn’t.

  • Thanks for kindness, compassion

    My husband and I attended a press conference at the Public Safety Building concerning our missing son, Robert (Bobby) Thomson.

  • Hydro helps me pass with flying colours

    I just wanted to bring acknowledgement to these two men who helped me out.

  • Angels in Stonewall earn their wings

    What a snowy, cold, long winter it has been for we oldies.

  • Young nursing student shows us the way

    It was very cold and windy and I had an eye-doctor appointment in Island Lakes. This was a very unfamiliar part of the city to me, so my friend Cathy came with me on the bus.

  • Dear Anonymous, thank you

    Every Christmas for the last 12 or so years, I have received an anonymous gift at my place of business.

  • Great neighbours, stranger

    I would like to thank my neighbours Steven and Jennifer for pushing me out of a snow bank.

  • Went the extra mile

    I lost a work key hanging on a lanyard with my ID.

  • Concordia staff is tops

    Kindness, good attitude and humour should be something we share with everybody we come in contact with every day.

  • A neighbourly good deed on a cold day

    The car in front of us caught the windrow and spun onto the boulevard as we traveled west on Roblin Boulevard.

  • Thanks for the shovelling

    One evening my husband spent two hours shovelling our driveway so that early the next morning, while our newborn baby slept, I’d be able to head out to the gym for a quick workout, then grab a few groceries.

  • Edward — an angel with a lug wrench

    It was New Year’s Eve and my husband and I had just left the MTS Centre after a 3-0 win over Buffalo. GO, JETS, GO.

  • Terry — and Daisy the dog — helped me through ordeal

    Last week I was walking our pet dog Daisy on a muddy street where there was a clay and gravel patch. We were close to home, Daisy gave the occasional tug on the leash to get around a spot and pulled me through the clay and gravel patch.

  • Old kindness not forgotten

    I was a single mama and student with three young children in 2011. We enjoyed shopping whenever my student allowance cheque came in, making the bus ride to Winners on Pembina Highway.

  • I’m smiling right through winter

    We’re all becoming quite tired of the cold and the snow — and we’ve only just passed the mid-point of winter — but I had to share the moment my spirits were lifted above the bleak forecast. Now I feel like I can cruise through this weather until spring with a big smile and a lighter heart.

  • One week, two kindnesses

    I put air in my tire at the Red River Co-op gas station on Osborne Street. I did not realize my cellphone slipped off my belt in the process.

  • And there was the wallet

    I was late for work and was on my way to catch the bus by my house on Rupertsland Avenue.

  • Hoping for chance to pay it forward

    I had just finished some Christmas shopping and I was in a hurry, loading the trunk in the St. Vital Walmart parking lot, then pushing the shopping cart to the side before driving off.

  • The kindness of strangers a treat

    My husband and I are in our 80s. He has lung problems so he generally stays in the car while I go into the store. I am small (and getting smaller) so a large bag of groceries, though not heavy, can be awkward.

  • Purse returned, panic averted

    At Christmas, a blessed and sometimes harrowing time of year, what could be worse than losing your purse while out shopping?

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