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  • Bomber game sweetheart

    I made my way to my seat at the Bombers’ exhibition game at the Investors Group Field on June 12.

  • Calm after the storm came as a blizzard

    I just want to say a great big thank-you to the person who paid for my blizzard at DQ on June 12.

  • Roses, hugs and smiles

    A friend and I had received a couple of roses from another friend and decided we should really pass them onto someone who would appreciate them.

  • Honest golfers

    I golf on Tuesday mornings at Harbour View Golf Course. Last week, I bought a golf card which we use for paying for golf.

  • The Good Samaritans

    In the evening hours of May 27, 2013 our beloved husband, father and grandfather passed away in his vehicle at Waverley Street and Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

  • Gotta keep the ducks safe

    I was driving my vehicle to my service station heading north on St. Mary’s Road just past St. Vital Mall approaching Bishop Grandin Road.

  • Bernie, the angel sent to St. Vital

    I placed an ad on Kijiji for someone to help put poles in the ground so that a metal fence could be erected for a senior’s vegetable garden.

  • A salute to the kind people of the Big Easy

    There are truly good and kind people in New Orleans. We have been attending the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed the event.

  • Such a nice stranger

    If anyone knows the very nice stranger who bought my daughter the child-size chair in Wal-Mart on Fri., May 24 in the afternoon please thank her again for us.

  • A windy day

    I am a senior and following a doctor’s appointment on St. Mary’s Road, I was walking down Edmonton Street toward Portage Place when an enormous gust of wind hit and knocked me down.

  • I was RAAKed

    I was feeling sick and stressed out at school and left class to grab some Kleenex.

  • A very kind lady indeed

    I was in line at Wal-Mart and a very kind lady ahead of me turned and said, “Please go in front since you only have three items.”

  • So many to thank

    This is a big thank-you to all the people who helped me in March.

  • Coffee, doughnuts send big message

    I just wanted to say thank you to the lady who stopped to help when she saw that my car had a broken axle.

  • Paying it forward at the zoo

    My boyfriend and I went to the zoo last week, and we were stunned when the lovely couple in line in front of us paid for our entrance fee.

  • Thanks for the seat swap

    I wish to thank the women who changed seats with us on the plane.

  • Too many kindnesses to count

    Several weeks ago I wrote about the acts of kindness in getting to the St. Boniface Hospital after my fall and staying there for seven weeks.

  • Dr. Engel’s all right

    I work two part-time jobs just to make ends meet, and I need a lot of dental work. I’ve been slowly getting the work done and slowly paying it off.

  • Unnamed hero saves the day

    I wear prescription glasses, and I bike to work.

  • Many angels rush to the rescue

    I was riding my handicap scooter on the pathway between St. Vital and Windsor Park, a path along the Seine River which always floods at one low spot.

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