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  • Kind lady brought Rocky home

    My in-laws from Steinbach were in Winnipeg for the weekend and back home their dog, Rocky, ran away from the sitter.

  • Mike to the rescue

    I was driving home from Selkirk on Highway 4 when I got a flat tire.

  • Small town service

    My nine-year-old son was biking down a nearby street when he hit a patch of loose gravel, lost his balance and took a nasty fall.

  • A big wave of thanks

    A big thank you and a wave to the northbound drivers on Kenaston Boulevard who pause a moment to let drivers get across into Boulton Bay without incident.

  • Thank you, Rusty

    I had the misfortune of losing my wallet this afternoon and was panicked that a dishonest stranger would find it.

  • No name for kind angel

    I was busily driving around town to visit people in hospitals and their homes and came home very tired.

  • Grandmother is doing just fine

    My 83-year-old grandmother tripped and fell while walking into The Bay Downtown.

  • Thank you, Good Samaritans

    I was walking towards the entrance of Giant Tiger and didn’t notice the fault on the edge of the entrance sidewalk. I tripped and was covered with mud from head to toe.

  • Surrounded by help in seconds

    I was hit by a truck while walking across the intersection of Wellington Crescent and Hugo Street.

  • Missed her bus to help

    I was power walking on St. Mary’s Road and tripped on the sidewalk and broke my wrist. I approached a lady waiting at the bus stop. She phoned my husband and was willing to miss her bus to stay with me until I got help.

  • It pays to be nice

    What a surprise!

  • Angels saved the day

    We were travelling north on Highway 59 on April 1.

  • Kind knights to the rescue

    I was really stuck on the unplowed street and tried to get myself out by getting cat litter out of the trunk and with the aid of my cane, putting it in the deep holes I had already made.

  • Cops solve the case

    Hats off to our Winnipeg Police Service.

  • Silent, smiling snowplow driver saves the day

    The plows were clearing the streets in my zone, and I was worried about the big ridge that would be left at the end of my driveway.

  • Caring people rescued Buddy and Sheldon

    Our daughters came home to find our dogs, Buddy and Sheldon, gone from our yard. The gate to their run was side open, and the dogs were not to be seen.

  • Grateful for compassionate wife

    It was Valentine’s Day this year, and my wife, her friend and two children were coming home from a choir concert that my six-year-old had performed in. They were stopped at a traffic light on Corydon Avenue several blocks before the Assiniboine Zoo and noticed an elderly lady in the car beside them. They were commenting how cute she looked.

  • Winnipeg, warm hearts

    Winnipeg is often referred to as Winterpeg or the Windy City, but as we keep hearing of the many kind deeds done by our citizens a better slogan might be Winnipeg, Warm Hearts.

  • Hats off to Barry, the chef

    My family and I decided to go out for a special breakfast after church one Sunday morning. We had heard that the restaurant in the Nor-Villa Hotel had a fairly new one and served an awesome breakfast buffet.

  • Honest people in our city

    We took my mom out for a late lunch at the Norwood Hotel. The young lady who served us was very accommodating.

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