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  • A promise to pay it forward

    I HAVE always been attracted to your “random acts of kindness” column. The stories have made me feel better about the world, especially after reading endless stories of global wars and the acts of cruelty that occur in our own city.

  • One gracious act

    AFTER leaving the Tom Petty concert, my daughter’s phone fell out of her pocket.

  • Thanks for the help

    MY husband and I had just finished breakfast at Stella’s on Portage Avenue and were returning to our car to drive home.

  • Stranger restores faith in humankind

    I WENT to Shoppers Drug Mart because I had accumulated $170 in points I could redeem for purchases. I only had to pay the tax on the items.

  • Eternally grateful

    My 92-year-old dad left his North Kildonan home and was wandering lost on his own for four hours.

  • Siblings save drowning boy

    A brother and sister who had taken lifesaving courses at the YMCA saved the life of a young swimmer at St. Malo Beach recently.

  • Deep gratitude

    Returning home to Ontario from Alberta, my wife and I stopped for gasoline at a Winnipeg Esso station, where I had a nasty fall. A local couple and their daughter very kindly assisted me with first-aid treatment and stayed with us until I was able to recover enough to continue our journey.

  • Courteous cabbie

    I know some cab drivers in this city have behaved badly and brought the occupation into disrepute, but not all cabbies are bad.

  • Shoppers helped ailing dad at Walmart

    My dad was hit by a car on Leila Avenue near Garden City Shopping Centre.

  • One great workplace

    I HAVE worked at Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg as a receptionist for two years. Recently, I gave my resignation because I am going to back to school in September.

  • Airline hailed cab to get family to Fredericton

    WHILE travelling with my family this summer, we encountered a random act of kindness.

  • Couple buying bike brought mom to tears

    WE bought our son Seth a new bike for his graduation from Grade 6.

  • Kind folks step up after bicycle accident

    I was in quite a bad bike accident in July on St. Mary’s Road, across the street from Dakota Lock & Safe.

  • Final moments serene

    My husband and I arrived at my dying sister’s bedside in the Carberry Personal Care Home, taking our turn to sit vigil. She was already in a deep, peaceful sleep in her carefully made bed. Her room was spotless and tidy, her flowering plant tended, her beloved keepsakes neatly arranged. But what truly created the serenity we felt in that room was the soft, beautiful music.

  • A great experience

    My Little Sister and I have been matched up through Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Winnipeg for more than four years.

  • Four pals say thanks for supper

    Three friends — Bernice, Laurette and Shirley — and I went to the Canad Inns on Pembina Highway for supper recently.

  • Slew of strangers helped return lost cellphone

    I lost my cellphone as I was walking my dogs along Assiniboine Avenue on a recent visit to Winnipeg.

  • Strangers helped after fall

    I was leaving the Safeway on Kenaston Boulevard on June 17 when I missed the curb and fell in the middle of the road.

  • Great neighbours

    Recently, my husband was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

  • Folks paying it forward

    To the very kind gentleman at the self-serve gas bar on St. Anne’s Road who took note of my distress when my credit card failed to function, paid the $16.93 — paying it forward — and shook my hand, a very big thank you. I will forward a cheque for double the amount to Winnipeg Harvest.

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