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  • Kind colleagues organized baby shower

    I WAS a young high school student when I got pregnant with my first child. I quit school and got a job to save up money for my baby.

  • Natasha saved the day

    RECENTLY Natasha, who works at M&M Meats, in Selkirk made my day.

  • Senior grateful for kind cabbie

    ABOUT mid-February, I returned to my home from an evening event at 3 a.m. in the Dignity taxi. I am 78 years old and use a walker.

  • Jim a great ex-neighbour

    SOMETIMES people are not aware how a small act of kindness can mean so much.

  • Double trouble, double fun

    OUR mom took us to Superstore on Grant Avenue for formula and diapers. She was pretty excited because formula and diapers were on sale, and she had coupons for both of ’em, on top of that!

  • Adults assist boy after bicycle accident

    I WAS riding my bike home from school for lunch. I had forgotten to ask my dad to fix my bike handles, which were loose.

  • Gentlemen offer auto assistance

    I AM writing to express my sincere thanks to the two gentlemen who responded to my call for help recently.

  • Bad driver treated well after mishap

    I HAVE never been a great driver. In fact, I have written to this page owing to another driving incident.

  • A promise to pay it forward

    OUR seven-year-old granddaughter and 10-year-old grandson visited from out of province for two weeks.

  • Cashier digs deep

    DEEPEST thanks again to the Superstore grocery store clerk who saved my butt recently.

  • Applause for young, unsung heroes

    LAST week I noticed a flurry of activity along the river path that runs behind my condo on Osborne Street South.

  • Nice experience at border

    IT was a cold bitter morning in March as we approached the border crossing to Canada at the International Peace Garden. Arriving at the checkpoint, we were greeted by a young border officer.

  • Selfless strangers help stranded Iraqi refugees

    RECENTLY I was, in a way, a witness to many wonderful acts of kindness.

  • Easter angels to the rescue after fall

    WE would like to thank our Easter angels who helped us Easter Sunday.

  • Jack’s in town

    I would like to thank the woman sitting in the sixth row next to “Jack Nicholson” at the Mavericks concert. Her outgoing personality and dancing spirit made an already great evening even better.

  • Another mystery helper

    I do not know the name of the person who acted as the “snow angel” in our St. Vital neighbourhood, but I believe he lives on Springside Drive.

  • Mystery helper surprises

    One snowy morning, I was looking out my living room window. A stranger came down the sidewalk carrying a shovel. When he reached our walkway, he cleared the snow out to the street.

  • Ingenuity helps Good Samaritan return keys

    My fiancé had dropped his keys while walking downtown. I was just getting ready to leave my work when a young man, possibly a University of Winnipeg student, walked in and asked if I knew who owned the Escape in the parking lot. I said I knew the owner, and he pulled the keys out of his pocket and said, “Then these would be yours.”

  • A kind gesture brings a memento for life

    A friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to see celebrity astrophysicist Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson speak, for the first time in Canada, at the University of Manitoba in March. I said, “Of course.” Immediately I knew I was going to bring my copy of his book, Space Chronicles, to get signed if possible.

  • Neighbours on guard

     My husband and I went out to finish our shopping for Easter. We were in the grocery store and saw our neighbour talking to the store manager and someone else.

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