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  • Renewed faith in fellow Winnipeggers

    Arriving at the bank to deposit his GST cheque this winter, my son discovered it missing. He retraced his walking route to no avail and after a failed attempt to have it cancelled and a new one issued, gave up and counted it as a lost opportunity.

  • From a thankful senior

    I was walking at River Avenue and Osborne Street when I tripped and fell on my face.

  • Proof of kind and honest people

    My teenage son came home from school on April 8 and realized he couldn’t find his wallet.

  • Lucky to meet these two

    I recently cycled to Safeway for a few groceries.

  • Flowers perked up the day, month

    My son and I were walking our circumnavigation of St. Vital Park. We had been having a very difficult past few months, and had been awaiting spring to cheer us up.

  • Snow didn’t dampen afternoon

    I decided it would be a great time to see if there would be a sunset visible from the bypass around Selkirk on its western side.

  • Kindness brought tears to her eyes

    I belong to a Facebook group called Families Helping Families. I had posted a message thanking everyone for all of their help.

  • Great to have friends

    After attending a workshop I stopped at Sobey’s on Bird’s Hill Road and ran in to get supplies to make cookies for some of the kids at Dr. Hamilton School.

  • Phew, relief phone returned

    A big thank you to the person that turned in a lost cellphone at the Jets vs Islanders game on April 20. You cannot imagine what a relief it was to get the phone back.

  • Clerk took the time to help

    I am 85 years old and live in a retirement community in Winnipeg.

  • Gary, one great neighbour

    I am disabled so unable to shovel my driveway anymore. My daughter was coming over to do it, but she also pays a price for doing it as she has back problems.

  • Kindness much appreciated

    My wife suffers from severe dementia, and she and I were attending a funeral at St. Ignatius Church.

  • Spring was in their smiles

    We wish to express our surprise and gratitude to two handsome young men from KIA on Regent Avenue.

  • Digging out a kindness

    I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my neighbor, Garrett Janzen (pardon me if I’ve spelled your name incorrectly.)

  • Friendly Manitoba? Absolutely

    On exiting my local M&M store, I found my car locked and running with my keys inside and my roadside assistance info with the keys.

  • Made little girl’s day

    My daughter and I took my granddaughter to the Westwood Sals for breakfast some time ago.

  • Truly the best

    My wife and I were at Health Sciences Centre and parked the car in the William Street parkade. We were in HSC just under an hour and I got a wee bit upset when the machine told me I owed $8.

  • Feels privileged to have great care

    Having just spent four days and three nights at the Concordia Hospital having a hip replacement, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff, therapists and nurses and orderlies.

  • Guardian Angel caring for Kelsey

    While I was having construction done in my home, my dog, Kelsey, escaped and was lost.

  • Neighbour Sam is just the best

    I just looked out my kitchen window and saw our neighbour, Sam Liarakos, again returning the garbage and recycling carts to various neighbours’ backyards.

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