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  • Jack’s in town

    I would like to thank the woman sitting in the sixth row next to “Jack Nicholson” at the Mavericks concert. Her outgoing personality and dancing spirit made an already great evening even better.

  • Another mystery helper

    I do not know the name of the person who acted as the “snow angel” in our St. Vital neighbourhood, but I believe he lives on Springside Drive.

  • Mystery helper surprises

    One snowy morning, I was looking out my living room window. A stranger came down the sidewalk carrying a shovel. When he reached our walkway, he cleared the snow out to the street.

  • Ingenuity helps Good Samaritan return keys

    My fiancé had dropped his keys while walking downtown. I was just getting ready to leave my work when a young man, possibly a University of Winnipeg student, walked in and asked if I knew who owned the Escape in the parking lot. I said I knew the owner, and he pulled the keys out of his pocket and said, “Then these would be yours.”

  • A kind gesture brings a memento for life

    A friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to see celebrity astrophysicist Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson speak, for the first time in Canada, at the University of Manitoba in March. I said, “Of course.” Immediately I knew I was going to bring my copy of his book, Space Chronicles, to get signed if possible.

  • Neighbours on guard

     My husband and I went out to finish our shopping for Easter. We were in the grocery store and saw our neighbour talking to the store manager and someone else.

  • Good Karma on the way

    I feel compelled to pass along my gratitude to the people who have, in their compassion, eliminated an extremely stressful situation for my daughter and her boyfriend.

  • An angel with skin on

    I am a senior, and I live in Transcona.

  • Good people willing and able to do the right thing

    I had hopped on the Crescent bus, as I often do, to go to work. I took my earbuds off, unplugged my iPod and set both down on the seat beside me, as I had run into a friend and we had started talking.

  • Knew what to do in emergency

    I slipped and fell in the parking lot at the corner of Killarney Avenue and Pembina Highway. I went flying and landed under a parked truck.

  • A big grin and a helping hand

    We were driving north on McPhillips Street when traffic came to an abrupt stop.

  • A St. Patrick’s Day act of kindness

    My two young granddaughters and I were in a store looking for decorations for their mother’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday party.

  • Parking tab a special gift

    Special thanks to the lovely lady who paid for my four hours of meter parking across from St. Boniface Hospital on March 13. You made my day! Now it’s my turn.

  • Mom did a great job with Troy and Stephen

    I was travelling home from a medical appointment in downtown Winnipeg. It was one of our first very cold days last December.

  • Murray’s the best

    I am 83, my wife is 80.

  • Phone returned in pristine condition

    My niece was having a difficult evening after work because her dog bolted out the front door and down the street.

  • Much help for Mom on the quick

    My 86-year-old mother and I had just enjoyed a lovely movie and stopped in the mall for a bite to eat before heading home.

  • Mystery gift really cheered her up

    While I was a patient at St. Boniface Hospital last summer, a very huge basket of fruit and candies was delivered to me.

  • The blessing of encouragement

    It was one of those evenings when we just needed to have fun as a family.

  • Car lashes earn a coffee

    It was a special kind of morning. I go through the Tim Hortons drive-through every morning on my way to take my son to school.

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