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  • Siblings save drowning boy

    1:00 PM

    A brother and sister who had taken lifesaving courses at the YMCA saved the life of a young swimmer at St. Malo Beach recently.

    The 15-year old boy had jumped or fallen off his rubber tube in deep waters and was flailing around, which caught the attention of 11-year-old Brianne. She noticed the swimmer go down, with only a few bubbles surfacing. She immediately raised him out of the water and held his head above water while summoning her 14-year-old brother, Mathieu. He came to help and carried the unconscious boy to shore. He was not breathing, but his heart was still beating.

    Brianne and Mathieu were met by their mother, who took charge and attended to the boy. Others came rushing over to provide assistance. The boy regained consciousness, and an ambulance transported him to Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg.

    Bravo to these two young people, who kept their focus on the matter at hand and put into practice what they had learned at the YMCA.

    — Marcel Couture


  • Deep gratitude

    08/27/2014 1:00 PM

    Returning home to Ontario from Alberta, my wife and I stopped for gasoline at a Winnipeg Esso station, where I had a nasty fall. A local couple and their daughter very kindly assisted me with first-aid treatment and stayed with us until I was able to recover enough to continue our journey.

    We did not get the name of the family, but I wish to express our deep gratitude for their kindness and the assistance of your citizens to travellers in need.

    — Malcolm Sykes, Mississauga, Ont.


  • Courteous cabbie

    08/26/2014 1:00 PM

    I know some cab drivers in this city have behaved badly and brought the occupation into disrepute, but not all cabbies are bad.

    The other night I had to take a cab home, then realized I had lost my debit card. When the driver dropped me off, I told him I would give him my $350 iPod as collateral for the $15 cab ride. He agreed and told me to call him the next day.

    The next day I realized I might not get my iPod back. I was wrong. The cab driver came to my door (out of his way, and he didn’t charge me for the drive to my place) and delivered my iPod. I gave him $40 for the ride and his troubles.

    He could have easily sold my iPod for much more than the $15 ride. He was such a nice guy. He told me he trusted me to meet up the next day, as I should with him.

    Thanks, random cab driver, for being legit and helping me out.

    — Jiselle Mae Candelaria


  • Shoppers helped ailing dad at Walmart

    08/25/2014 4:30 PM

    My dad was hit by a car on Leila Avenue near Garden City Shopping Centre.

    An ambulance took him to Seven Oaks General Hospital, and he was released about four hours later.

    I took him to Walmart on McPhillips Street to get a prescription filled. While we were looking at some vacuum cleaners he was interested in, he suddenly said he wasn’t feeling well and started sweating, so he leaned on the shopping cart.

    A shopper walking by asked if she could get us some water. I said, "Yes, please." She took off running, and by the time she returned, which was less than 30 seconds later, my dad did not look well at all.

    She said she was going to get a chair and a face cloth. It was like this woman knew where everything was in the store.

    I tried to call 911 but I just couldn’t do it, so the woman took the phone from me and called for an ambulance.

    Two gentlemen who said they were doctors helped me calm down and kept taking my dad’s pulse and asking him questions before the ambulance came.

    If not for these three people, I don’t know what I would have done. I thanked them very much, but in the confusion, I didn’t get their names.

    I can’t thank them enough. I believe my father is still with us because of their actions.

    He is doing fine now.

    — Belinda Vinette



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