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  • World is a better place thanks to roadside kindness

    12/20/2014 2:00 PM

    WOULD nobody come and help us?

    Couldn’t they see we were in trouble?

    Those were our thoughts as cars drove around us staring at the inconvenient place our car had chosen to die: the curve from Waverley Street onto Taylor Avenue late on a Saturday afternoon in this high traffic area.

    Two seniors, out for the first time, six weeks after the driver’s surgery — an exploratory trip to the grocery store. Suddenly our car died, with no electrical. We couldn’t even open our car doors.

    A pretty helpless state to be in.

    Then two women came and offered the use of their cellphone to call CAA. That seemed to start the help response. Others came; one man managed to use our car key to open the doors.

    We don’t know who all these people were, but we take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to all who offered assistance.

    And we cannot overstate the value of this kind of caring and generosity. Our world is a better place for it.

    — Morgana and Tom Graham


  • Rob: best store manager in world

    12/19/2014 2:00 PM

    I am an 83-year-old grandmother with arthritic knees so I always get an electric cart when I shop for groceries.

    Last week, when I stopped at Sobey’s on Kenaston Boulevard, I asked an employee named Rob for a cart. He apologized that this store didn’t have one, but if I had a list he’d get the items for me.

    He offered me a chair and brought me coffee. In 20 minutes, he was back with my 14 items. I followed him to the cashier where there was a big lineup. He opened another and promptly did the cash out himself. He then walked with me to my car and put the groceries in the trunk.

    I know this was not in his job description. To my total surprise, Rob was the store manager.

    This was truly an act of kindness I will never forget.

    — Lucy Gray


  • Thanks a million for wallet’s return

    12/18/2014 2:00 PM

    TO the special person who turned in my burgundy wallet at Costco, thanks a million. I did not realize it was missing until I was ready to pay for supplies at Walmart. I was in a panic.

    I returned to Costco, and they had my wallet, thanks to you. God bless you for your honesty and thanks again.

    — Carmen Butler


  • We should shout out gratitude

    12/17/2014 2:00 PM

    I had cataract surgery and I want to thank Dr. Brodovsky and staff of the Buhler Eye Care Centre at Misericordia Health Centre.

    They are extremely busy, and it crossed my mind on arrival that it looked a little like an assembly line. But the caring, friendly manner of these professionals puts people at ease.

    A person from Misericordia even called me the next day to ensure I wasn’t having any problems.

    Perhaps we take our excellent health care system for granted, and it is time all of us shout out our gratitude. Can you imagine postponing surgery because it wasn’t affordable?

    I decided to say thanks financially as well, and I challenge all of you who have had eye surgery at this amazing facility to do the same.

    — Donna Cameron


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