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  • Thanks a million for wallet’s return

    2:00 PM

    TO the special person who turned in my burgundy wallet at Costco, thanks a million. I did not realize it was missing until I was ready to pay for supplies at Walmart. I was in a panic.

    I returned to Costco, and they had my wallet, thanks to you. God bless you for your honesty and thanks again.

    — Carmen Butler


  • We should shout out gratitude

    12/17/2014 2:00 PM

    I had cataract surgery and I want to thank Dr. Brodovsky and staff of the Buhler Eye Care Centre at Misericordia Health Centre.

    They are extremely busy, and it crossed my mind on arrival that it looked a little like an assembly line. But the caring, friendly manner of these professionals puts people at ease.

    A person from Misericordia even called me the next day to ensure I wasn’t having any problems.

    Perhaps we take our excellent health care system for granted, and it is time all of us shout out our gratitude. Can you imagine postponing surgery because it wasn’t affordable?

    I decided to say thanks financially as well, and I challenge all of you who have had eye surgery at this amazing facility to do the same.

    — Donna Cameron


  • Good people help make up for the bad

    12/16/2014 12:19 PM

    MY husband and I proudly put up a large Halloween display each year. I decorate, and he does the lighting.

    We do it for fun and for our grandkids and neighbourhood kids to enjoy.

    If it’s dull and dark outside, we light it up morning and evening to share with people on their way to work and back, especially those with kids. We live on the corner of Des Meurons Street, so we get lots of looks.

    Recently, our display was vandalized on a Saturday in broad daylight when four younger guys walked up and started tearing apart the display, pushing over benches and ruining everything. On top of this destruction of property, they also threw planters and pots over our fence onto Des Meurons to smash them, all the while laughing and enjoying themselves.

    The good part of this story — which makes my heart happy and makes me want to continue putting up our display — is what happened after. My husband and I noticed a large group of people standing outside our front yard, so I went out to greet them and apologize for the mess. It was a large group of students and teachers from the special education class at Glenwood School who had come for a visit.

    I explained that being two seniors, we weren’t strong enough by ourselves to pick up and restore the benches. The teachers quickly volunteered to assist and righted the heavy benches.

    What a difference this group made, with their spontaneous act of kindness.

    It shows good people can make up for what some bad people do.

    — Frank and Joan Boone


  • Help with wayward cooler was very much appreciated

    12/12/2014 2:00 PM

    I had just broken several ribs and was still in great pain when my truck’s tailgate opened and my cooler slid out.

    How to carry it back to my truck when I was in such pain? I found an abandoned shopping cart in a back lane and proceeded to make my way across very rough terrain on Henderson Highway towards the cooler.

    I was wondering how I would manage to retrieve the cooler when a very kind young lady — I think her name was Shannon — offered to help me. She not only picked up the cooler and placed it on the cart, but took it all the way back to my truck and loaded it in for me.

    I shall be forever grateful. Thank you so very much.

    — Agatha Bock


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