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  • One great workplace

    08/20/2014 2:00 PM

    I HAVE worked at Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg as a receptionist for two years. Recently, I gave my resignation because I am going to back to school in September.

    Brian Lowes, on behalf of Mercedes-Benz, gave me a parting gift of a laptop for school. This gesture of kindness will help me so much, because the money I was to use for buying my laptop will go to my tuition instead.

    Acts of kindness happen everywhere. I am very lucky I worked somewhere full of goodwill and camaraderie.

    I thought of writing them a card, baking a cake, even knitting a sweater to show how much their gesture of kindness affected me. But I realized cards fade, cakes are eaten, and sweaters unravel.

    Sharing with your readers how much care and appreciation I feel for Mercedes-Benz hopefully will not fade, be eaten or unravel.

    Instead, I hope it resonates through time.

    — Jiselle Mae Candelaria


  • Airline hailed cab to get family to Fredericton

    08/19/2014 2:00 PM

    WHILE travelling with my family this summer, we encountered a random act of kindness.

    En route to the East Coast, we were delayed in Toronto because of a hurricane in the Maritimes. Air Canada found accommodation for us in Toronto, where we spent one night. The hotel where we stayed had a fire, and we were evacuated at around 3:30 a.m. Early that morning, we boarded a plane for Halifax. Upon arrival, I contacted customer service to say we were travelling with small children and had very little sleep the previous night. I asked if there were any earlier flights to our destination, Fredericton. Everything was booked. We were destined to stay in the airport until 11:30 p.m. to get a flight to Fredericton.

    A few hours later, we heard our name paged at customer service. Air Canada had arranged for a cab to take us to our destination. We arrived in time for a late dinner instead of in the wee hours of the morning.

    I would just like to say kudos to Air Canada for great customer service.

    — Nancy Leach (Morden, Man.)


  • Couple buying bike brought mom to tears

    08/18/2014 11:47 AM

    WE bought our son Seth a new bike for his graduation from Grade 6.

    His old bike was almost dangerously too small, and he was getting ridiculed for it. Funds were a little tight, so we pooled with his grandparents. He never had a new bike before, and he was beside himself at how beautiful it was.

    Maybe it was too beautiful, because the second day he took it to school, someone cut the lock and stole it.

    I posted an ad on Kijiji with the story of the bike, with the promise of reward for anyone who had information. I stated how we had to pool with his grandparents to buy it, in the vain hope the thief might feel a pang of guilt if they ever came across the ad. No one came forward with any information.

    A kindly couple came across the ad, though, and contacted me. They told me it had touched their hearts, that they had come into a little money recently and would appreciate the opportunity to show my son people are capable of the opposite of the violation demonstrated by the thief. They wanted to buy my son a bike.

    I tried to graciously refuse. In good conscience, I made it clear we weren’t in poverty, and the reason we were short on cash at the moment was we had recently bought a house and were waiting for the financial dust to settle.

    But the couple would have none of that. The point wasn’t charity — the point was to demonstrate kindness to my son, to give a boy back something that was taken from him.

    With pride pushed aside, my wife and I accepted the couple’s kind offer. Under the pretense of sizing him for any used models we might buy in the future, we went to the bike store. He tried a few, told me his preferences and was prepared to leave when the couple appeared and gave him an envelope with enough money to buy the bicycle he wanted.

    My son’s joy was obvious. The couple looked very pleased with their decision. My wife shed a tear or two, and the couple quickly left. They didn’t loiter and bask in our appreciation but went away satisfied.

    As much as this has brought immeasurable joy and appreciation to my son, I think it gave my wife and I just as much, and a little more faith in human kindness to boot. We can’t wait for the opportunity to pay it forward.

    — Don Woligroski


  • Kind folks step up after bicycle accident

    08/18/2014 1:00 PM

    I was in quite a bad bike accident in July on St. Mary’s Road, across the street from Dakota Lock & Safe.

    Luckily, five amazingly kind strangers helped me out. I’d really love to thank them each in person, but they all left before I could get myself together. I hope at least one of them sees this.

    Thank you for running to the fire department to get help, for getting me water and for trying your best to keep me calm as I bawled on the sidewalk.

    I ended up in the emergency department and waited for seven hours, but eventually got the six stitches I needed. I’ll be OK.

    It’s all thanks to you, kind people, for calling my parents and getting the help I needed.

    — Nicole Epp



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