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  • One cool customer with a cold

    05/3/2015 2:00 PM

    On April 21, while waiting in an express line in Safeway, I noticed a young man who was only carrying cold medicine, so I said, "Go ahead."

    Then, I noticed an older man carrying only a package of strawberries, so I again said, "Go ahead." I had a chance to chat with the older gentleman, who informed he had just found out he was in remission from cancer.

    As the young man who was not feeling well started to pay for his purchase, he said he’d buy my loaf cake and the older man’s strawberries. What a nice thing to do.

    He said, "Just pay it forward," and he left.

    Thank you. Hope you are feeling better.


    — Diana Tamblyn (Sanford, Man.)



  • Tip of the cap to HMV cashier

    05/2/2015 2:00 PM

    I was at Polo Park mall when I went into HMV.

    I saw a hat I wanted, so I went to the cashier to buy it. I used my gift card.

    When the cashier said I owed $2.59, I said I did not have any more money, and she told me she would try to put the money back on the card.

    She came back and said it was impossible to put the money back on the card, so she would just pay the remainder of the cost.

    I was shocked, because no one had ever done something that nice for me.

    Thank you, cashier lady at HMV. You made my day.


    — Drew Gee



  • Handmade gifts give hope

    05/1/2015 2:20 PM

    My husband has been battling cancer for 29 months now.

    A while back, after 44 rounds of chemo, the side effects had taken a toll over the weekend. By Monday, we were both feeling pretty low. I encouraged him to go back to bed.

    Now it was my time to cry and pray for a miracle. I had never felt so low, tired and lost. Suddenly, our doorbell rang.

    Knowing my eyes were swollen from crying, and still dressed in night clothes, I thought ‘Not now. I don’t need company.’

    I opened the door, and three young boys were standing there with a hand-painted flowerpot and handmade flowers. Thinking, "Where is my purse? They are selling these," I asked, "What can I do for you?"

    Looking out to my yard, I saw another 20 students standing with their teacher. The young boys said they wanted to give me these flowers. I was so overwhelmed. Why did they choose my house? I called the school and asked that they be thanked, explaining my day to the principal and the issue we had faced that morning, and asked why they chose my house.

    She told me the students do an act of kindness yearly to promote peace, and we were chosen as they walked.

    They did bring peace to me that day, and hope. A very big thank-you to James Nisbet Community School students.


    — Beverley Preyma


  • ‘Special’ person paid stranger’s grocery bill

    04/26/2015 2:00 PM

    I stopped at the Sun Valley Family Foods on my way home on April 8 to pick up a few items.

    I was in line behind a lady who was getting her items scanned and getting ready to pay for her bill.

    It was then I noticed, upon getting ready to pay for my purchases, that my wallet wasn’t in my purse. I remembered I put it in my work bag just before leaving work.

    I told the cashier I was going to retrieve my wallet from my car and would be right back.

    When I returned to my spot in line, the cashier was looking and smiling at me.

    When the woman left the till, the cashier said, "She just paid for your groceries." I was in shock, and said "No way." After taking a few moments to realize what she had done, she caught my "Thank you!" as she whipped out the door.

    This was such a thoughtful gesture, and I wanted to make sure she knows I appreciated her kindness.

    You’re special!


    — Sharon B.


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