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  • Car lashes earn a coffee

    04/16/2014 2:00 PM

    It was a special kind of morning. I go through the Tim Hortons drive-through every morning on my way to take my son to school.

    I pulled up to the window this day ready to pay and was told that the woman ahead of me liked my car lashes and paid the bill.

    I want that lady to know my kids and I really, really appreciated your very kind gesture. Thank you.


    — Alice McKay


  • Kindness forever appreciated

    04/15/2014 2:00 PM

    On one of those cold nights, I slipped and broke my ankle outside a restaurant. A couple of very nice people, Scott and Teri, came running to help me.

    It was fairly far back to the restaurant, and I couldn’t put any weight on my foot.

    Teri’s car was right there and they insisted on giving me a ride to the hospital. Scott followed in his car, and they both helped me into the emergency room.

    My husband arrived shortly afterwards, and we were very grateful for all they did. Neither would accept anything but our thanks.

    I would like to thank Teri, who drove a silver Acura, and Scott, who drove a black two-door sports car, for their thoughtfulness and compassion. Your act of kindness will be forever appreciated.


    — Heather Magnus


  • A huge merci to my neighbours

    04/14/2014 12:42 PM

    After a long struggle to shovel out my driveway and surrounding areas of my home, I was recently overwhelmed by the acts of kindness from three neighbours.

    As soon as the snowplows came roaring down the streets, leaving massive windrows blocking both my driveway and front path to my home, my neighbour Gerry came to remove the huge back-lane ridge.

    Later that day, I discovered my neighbor Paul and his son Liam tackling the huge front windrow blocking my front path with their shovels.

    A special merci goes out to my neighbors on Dumoulin and Notre Dame streets.

    — Claudette Rach


  • Nice day for a drive but...

    04/10/2014 2:00 PM

    It was a nice pleasant day for a country drive and coffee. Often we see deer, coyotes, fox, jack rabbits and tons of ravens.

    I decided on a road and although there was no snow falling, the wind was pretty wicked.

    I had been on this road previously, it was plowed but seldom used. There were a few drifts but nothing to be concerned. Excuse me, but a dumb decision. There was no turning back so onward we went until I hit drifts so high you could hardly see the car. This happened close to Six Pines Ranch.

    We couldn’t shovel out so we decided to walk about a half a mile to a main road and get help. I knocked on a door, and a couple greeted me.

    After hearing my lame excuses for my dumb decision, Mr. Friesen said, "No problem," put on his jacket, jumped in his big truck and off we drove.

    But not so simple. There was no way to hook my car to a tow. Again, he said, "No problem," and we went to another neighbour, where Mr. Friesen jumped into a monster machine with a blade.

    Apparently, these units were designed and used for building winter roads. He cleared the drifts with this snowplow, and out I drove.

    I’m too old to wrestle, but nearly had to in order to give him a few bucks to take his wife out for coffee.

    In my defence, I was brought up on a farm, walked a couple of miles to school, lived in a residential school (best years of my life). Dumb yah, but not exactly a green horn.

    Again, wonderful people, and a world of thanks.

    — Ed and Olive Toker


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