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  • I was RAAKed

    I was feeling sick and stressed out at school and left class to grab some Kleenex.

  • A very kind lady indeed

    I was in line at Wal-Mart and a very kind lady ahead of me turned and said, “Please go in front since you only have three items.”

  • So many to thank

    This is a big thank-you to all the people who helped me in March.

  • Coffee, doughnuts send big message

    I just wanted to say thank you to the lady who stopped to help when she saw that my car had a broken axle.

  • Paying it forward at the zoo

    My boyfriend and I went to the zoo last week, and we were stunned when the lovely couple in line in front of us paid for our entrance fee.

  • Thanks for the seat swap

    I wish to thank the women who changed seats with us on the plane.

  • Too many kindnesses to count

    Several weeks ago I wrote about the acts of kindness in getting to the St. Boniface Hospital after my fall and staying there for seven weeks.

  • Dr. Engel’s all right

    I work two part-time jobs just to make ends meet, and I need a lot of dental work. I’ve been slowly getting the work done and slowly paying it off.

  • Unnamed hero saves the day

    I wear prescription glasses, and I bike to work.

  • Many angels rush to the rescue

    I was riding my handicap scooter on the pathway between St. Vital and Windsor Park, a path along the Seine River which always floods at one low spot.

  • A message from Mom

    This Mother’s Day was going to be a difficult one for our family. It was the first Mother’s Day without Mom as we lost our dear mother last August.

  • Thank you, John and Millie

    I’ve being going through a very challenging time, leaving an abusive marriage, surviving a protracted and difficult divorce, facing ongoing financial difficulties and coping with a degenerative life-threatening condition. The stress has at times been overwhelming.

  • What a kind lady

    I would like to thank the woman who gave me a $5 bill while I was having coffee at Garden City Shopping Centre.

  • Will always remember the kindness

    I had a doctor’s appointment downtown at the Winnipeg Clinic on Vaughan Street and St. Mary Avenue.

  • A little ray of sunshine

    It was a very dreary, wet, last day of May. I had just gone into the Safeway at Cavalier Drive and Portage Avenue after having had a very stressful experience in the parking lot.

  • Kind lady makes enormous difference

    I took my two younger children to Subway for lunch as we were short on time following my morning appointments, and I didn’t have enough lunch materials at home to make a meal.

  • Blanche shared her Mother’s Day

    Last year I lost my son to cancer.

  • Bus driver makes the day

    I was having a rough start to my morning, and as a result was a little late leaving to catch my morning bus.

  • Angel bearing flowers

    I was shopping at Safeway at Meadowood Drive and Dakota Street on Mother’s Day. I don’t get out a lot as I have a disability, but I was picking up a few things.

  • Comics and kindness

    For the last two years I have worked respite with a couple children with special needs. One of these children is a 13-year-old autistic boy who loves Pokémon trading cards, so a trip to the local comic book store is a weekly outing for us.

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