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  • One week, two kindnesses

    I put air in my tire at the Red River Co-op gas station on Osborne Street. I did not realize my cellphone slipped off my belt in the process.

  • And there was the wallet

    I was late for work and was on my way to catch the bus by my house on Rupertsland Avenue.

  • Hoping for chance to pay it forward

    I had just finished some Christmas shopping and I was in a hurry, loading the trunk in the St. Vital Walmart parking lot, then pushing the shopping cart to the side before driving off.

  • The kindness of strangers a treat

    My husband and I are in our 80s. He has lung problems so he generally stays in the car while I go into the store. I am small (and getting smaller) so a large bag of groceries, though not heavy, can be awkward.

  • Purse returned, panic averted

    At Christmas, a blessed and sometimes harrowing time of year, what could be worse than losing your purse while out shopping?

  • Angels flew into airport

    I wanted to thank the wonderful couple who helped me out at the airport. I was in a wheelchair due to recent abdominal surgery and was really struggling to get myself moving.

  • Highway 67 neighbours love ‘snow angel’ Murray

    This thank-you is long overdue. It goes out to Murray Boonstra of Boonstra Berry Farms, east of Stonewall.

  • Ring returned

    I was washing my car at the Buggy Bath Car Wash. I had my wedding band on and was about to take it off when I realized I didn’t have it. It must have slipped off accidentally.

  • Mystery man saves rush hour on bridge

    A very kind man helped me and my truck, which had stalled halfway across the Arlington Bridge, by pushing it with his van.

  • Making a kind point

    I was in line at a Sobeys checkout when a gentleman in front of me was asked for his Sobeys card. He responded that he did not have one and turned to me and asked if I did, to which I answered yes.

  • Kevin makes the world a better place

    I wanted to give a huge thank-you to Kevin who works at the St. Anne’s depot of Canada Post.

  • They got RACKED

    My husband and I received a Christmas card in our door that said, “You’ve been RACKED.” (Random Act of Christmas Kindness.) We were driving by and we saw your Christmas lights. So beautiful. Thank you for making our night merry & bright. Merry Christmas from Steph & Catherine.”

  • Ronnie is a Christmas angel

    I would like to thank a teacher named Ronnie for returning my purse right to my door to my husband.

  • Friday the 13th not so bad after all

    I had a doctor’s appointment Friday, Dec. 13, so I should have expected trouble.

  • Many thanks to Byron

    My car got stuck very badly in the back lane after a huge snowfall.

  • Mother, son grateful

    My son and I were walking to Safeway at Sargent Avenue and Maryland Street to purchase some groceries.

  • Kindness at the grocery store

    I was grocery shopping at the Sobey’s on Henderson Highway recently. I used a gift card to pay for my items, but did not have quite enough money on the card.

  • Put breakfast on hold to help

    I was having breakfast at the Whitemouth Hotel, where three hunters were waiting for their breakfast. An elderly gent came in, moving slowly, using a cane and obviously upset. He went straight to the table of the hunters, so I thought he knew them.

  • Dry cleaner shows gratitude to veteran

    My father, a Second World War veteran and one-arm amputee, got his War Amps blazer dirty at a Remembrance Day event two days before Nov. 11. My sister and I tried to clean it that night ourselves as our father was to lay the wreath at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in the morning of Remembrance Day and then another one at Deer Lodge in the afternoon. Sadly, we couldn’t get the blazer clean.

  • Romano, so kind, so honest

    I had an awesome thing happen to me while shopping downtown with my daughter.

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