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  • Such kindness from Bethania staff

    I have worked at Bethania Personal Care Home for 26 years. In the last year, the home had its share of bad press, but I want to share a personal story about good things happening there.

  • Sherry was an angel

    The thermometer was around -40 when I was leaving a grocery store one evening. I saw my bus pull up to the stop. I ran across the parking lot, sure I would make it, only to see the bus pull away as I neared.

  • Thank you, Wally

    My heartfelt thank you and gratitude to a Kal-Tire service-truck angel who saw the trouble I was in on a very cold day.

  • Gentleman shares nicely

    Many thanks to the elderly gentleman who saw my notice in the Free Press for my lost cane.

  • Many helping hands on snowy night

    We were travelling east on Dugald Road when it became very stormy and we had trouble seeing the street.

  • Caring police officers

    I want to express a big thank you to our police.

  • Warm kindness on brutally cold night

    I am a cashier at Giant Tiger and had the opportunity to witness a random act of kindness.

  • Oxfam gets a lift

    Thank you so much to the person who sent my husband home in a cab from the south YMCA in mid-December.

  • Joan’s kindness, seat warmers appreciated

    A kind woman came to my rescue on an extremely cold Winnipeg January morning. I was driving to work along Waverley Street when all of a sudden, I noticed a foul smell coming from my car. Quickly, that smell turned into black smoke seeping out of the dashboard.

  • We need more Daves

    An unfortunate incident occurred at Unicity and I was unable to drive home. I thought I might take the bus, but found out it only ran hourly.

  • Grateful for purse’s return

    I did my grocery shopping at Sobey’s on Henderson Highway, put my groceries in the trunk of my car, left the cart in front of my car and drove off.

  • Thanks to paramedics, nurses at Vic

    I fell in my apartment in early December and had to be taken to the hospital. The two paramedics who came to my assistance were not only professional but kind and considerate.

  • Loving Winnipeg despite ‘coolish’ winters

    We recently had our residential street plowed in Westwood. I, a well-aged specimen, started clearing my blocked sidewalk.

  • Warm car, warm bank, warm hearts

    My car stalled on Bison Drive at a set of lights and would not start again. I called CAA for a tow and was waiting inside my car as the temperature inside plummeted.

  • Honest people still out there

    After shopping at Costco, I headed to my car with a loaded cart, my purse in the bottom rack.

  • Made Christmas a little merrier

    After purchasing my Christmas cheer supply at River and Osborne on a bitter cold, slippery day, I fell on my way to the car and smashed some of my purchases.

  • No surprise to find polite bus drivers

    My son and I went to a Jets game at the MTS Centre on New Year’s Eve. When we came out of the arena, there wasn’t a cab in sight.

  • Four young people to the rescue

    I was rushing to go to a funeral when I got stuck in a snowbank on Smithfield Avenue and Jones Street by a church. I tried to get out by myself but couldn’t.

  • Thanks for kindness, compassion

    My husband and I attended a press conference at the Public Safety Building concerning our missing son, Robert (Bobby) Thomson.

  • Hydro helps me pass with flying colours

    I just wanted to bring acknowledgement to these two men who helped me out.

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