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  • Reservoir Dogs - Harper style

    One of my most favorite parts of one of my most favorite movies - Reservoir Dogs - comes when almost all of the major characters gun each other down at the end. There is a Shakespearean flare to the mutual assured self-destruction that unfolds. In a way, it helps make a complex story all neat and tidy at the end when all of the major characters are dead. Perhaps it's just me.

  • More thoughts on torture and politics

    There are many times when, after filing a column, I find I have additional thoughts on the subject I just tackled. You would think that 700 words would be enough to convey just about everything one person thinks on a particular subject. Unfortunately, if you suffer from chronic verbosity, you just never seem to be able to get everything you want to say said.

  • The first step is admitting you have a problem

    So there I was Wednesday morning at the Salvation Army breakfast to kick off kettle collection season and I bump into David Northcott of Winnipeg Harvest food bank and Zaz Bajon, general manager of the Manitoba Theatre Centre. The two prominent Winnipeggers are having a fascinating conversation about how both of their organizations are having trouble getting support from a constituency that was always money in the bank: seniors.

  • The WRHA: a study in mass communications

    As a further follow-up to yesterday's high drama at the flu vaccination clinic, I’ve done some additional thinking about what happened and why. One loyal reader who commented on my blogs yesterday suggested that I get over the minor inconvenience of a three-hour delay in getting H1N1 vaccine for my children and get on with my life. Unfortunately, this comment is from someone who didn’t read my blog all the way to the end.

  • Update from H1N1 land: good news

    Shrek II is over, Finding Nemo has just begun AND THE ADJUVANTED VACCINE IS HERE!

  • Report from the H1N1 front lines

    10:18 a.m.

  • Our capacity for absurdity

    Why is it that society’s most absurd qualities come to the fore at those times when we can least afford to be absurd?

  • Premature Gesticulation?

    WINNIPEG — NDP leadership hopeful Steve Ashton spiced things up on Monday for countless journalists when he issued a news release that pretty much settled the matter of who was going to win the race to succeed Gary Doer.
  • Caldwell coy on leadership rumour

    Will he or won’t he? He apparently won’t. Maybe.

  • Apparently, it was so.

    After weeks of concern that B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell was seriously considering cuts to health care and education to battle the province’s growing budget deficit, the most conservative Liberal in Canada fulfilled everyone’s worst fears with a Speech from the Throne that calls for — you guessed it — cuts to health and education.

  • Lunacy repeating itself?

    Say it ain’t so, Gordon. Say it ain’t so.

  • An admission and a startling revelation

    It’s difficult to admit this, but recently I fell into the habit of reading more of my news online than in print.
  • Further to my excellent downtown adventure...

    It has occurred to me after reading some of the comments here, and those emailed directly to me, that one of the problems we have here is a dislike of "downtown lifestyle."
  • My most wonderful downtown adventure

    This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend most of Saturday and part of Sunday in Winnipeg’s downtown.
  • Reflections on Somali pirates, Canadian warships and rigors of flying

    It's been more than a week since I returned from nearly two weeks aboard HMCS Winnipeg, the Canadian warship that had been participating in a NATO-directed counter-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden. Here, in brief, are some of the things I learned:
  • Guilty with an explanation

    Sometime before I had children, I was returning from a jaunt in the Assiniboine Forest with my dogs when I decided to stop at Grant Park Mall to pick up something from Safeway. After my purchase, I tried to exit the mall parking lot on the east side, and proceeded to make a right-hand turn on Wilton Street to make my way to Taylor Avenue.

  • Buffoons make it easy

    Journalism is a great job. I’ve always felt that what I do beats working for a living. Some of my detractors may agree with that comment, although they may apply a completely different connotation. Anyway, the days I love being a journalist usually involve stories like this.....
  • Good, bad and downright ugly

    A quick perusal of the morning headlines will produce a wide range of ideas – good ones, bad ones and ideas that should be shot, buried and never talked about again.
  • The Jack Bauer syndrome

    In the category of guilty pleasures, I have to admit to being a loyal follower of the television show 24.

  • Truth in advertising?

    I really have to send a special shout out to the marketing department of the Conservative Party of Canada for their latest pamphlet, which arrived at my house about two weeks ago.

About Dan Lett

Dan Lett came to Winnipeg in 1986, less than a year out of journalism school.

Despite the fact that he’s originally from Toronto and has a fatal attraction to the Maple Leafs, Winnipeggers let him stay.

In the following years, he has worked at bureaus covering every level of government – from city hall to the national bureau in Ottawa.

He has had bricks thrown at him in riots following the 1995 Quebec referendum, wrote stories that helped in part to free three wrongly convicted men, met Fidel Castro, interviewed three Philippine presidents, crossed several borders in Africa illegally, chased Somali pirates in a Canadian warship and had several guns pointed at him.

In other words, he’s had every experience a journalist could even hope for. He has also been fortunate enough to be a two-time nominee for a National Newspaper Award, winning in 2003 for investigations.

Other awards include the B’Nai Brith National Human Rights Media Award and nominee for the Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism.

Now firmly rooted in Winnipeg, Dan visits Toronto often but no longer pines to live there.


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