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  • WSD says no to releasing agenda information

    An election, a new board at Winnipeg School Division, a new board chair, and the same old attitude about board agendas.

  • What on earth was this guy thinking?

    I still can’t believe the guy phoned me.

  • Will we have a daily big deal?

    I’ve been keeping my schedule open today, in case Education Minister Nancy Allan decides to make this big announcement thing a daily occurrence.....

  • The cities still electing men to run school boards

    Men still hold the majority of school board seats in Manitoba after last month's election.

  • Six bosses take the big chairs

    We’ve got two continuing and four new school board chairs around the city after this month’s post-election inaugural meetings.

  • Getting a serious case of envy

    I’m trying to get the image out of my head of child the elder cycling through The Bronx as darkness fell Monday, trying to find the way to his Couch Surfers destination in Manhattan.

  • Random mutterings as I head east

    I’ll be away for the next week, going to Upper Canada primarily to watch child the younger play university volleyball, back on Nov. 8.

  • 23 informed school board voters

    I spent Thursday evening watching grass roots democracy in action — I and 23 other adults and a few kids at the only school board all-candidates’ meeting that appears to have been held anywhere in the city.

  • Into the 13 Colonies he goes.....

    Child the elder has re-entered the U.S. for the major portion of his 20,000-km bike trip, even as we speak he's cycling in Lake Placid in upstate New York.

  • Sensitive talk about real life

    I was quite surprised yesterday to learn that the department of education provides teachers, principals and parents with teaching materials about sexual orientation, abortion and masturbation.

  • Some unhappy candidates and voters

    This has been quite a delightful few days fielding calls and emails from candidates and voters upset over our school board election coverage.

  • Re-elect a candidate who doesn’t hold office?

    How do you re-elect someone who isn’t an incumbent? Apparently, it’s enough if the candidate has ever held office in the past.
  • I abandoned the match

    I stifled the free expression of a political candidate last week while also thwarting the will of the people.

  • Of gender and school trustees

    Women made up about 48 per cent of school trustees the past four years, by far the highest proportional representation of women at any political level, so I’ll be keeping my eye on the Oct. 27 results.

  • I get to ref an ACM

    I heard a story on the CBC last week about an all-candidates’ meeting in one of the city council wards, that took me back to when I first covered civic (civic, not civil — but I digress) politics back in Woodstock and Ingersoll and Stratford and LondonOnt in the 70s and 80s.

  • Yo, candidates!

    Get to work, trustee candidates in Winnipeg, you’ve only got until close of play on Monday to respond to our online questionnaire.

  • No, really, I wasn’t attacking teachers

    I think I’m just going to make up a template response rather than writing individual replies every time a teacher accuses me of attacking teachers.

  • Principals talk behind closed door

    The Manitoba Teachers’ Society implores me every year to cover SAG, the annual special area group in-service for every teacher in the province.

  • You’ll need a program to follow the SJA board

    Title: You’ll need a program to follow the SJA board

  • Some candidates switching to personal email

    Well, that’s interesting, and certainly puts me in my place — turns out that it’s OK for school board candidates to use their taxpayer-funded email accounts for political purposes.

About Nick Martin

Nick Martin is the old bearded guy at the back of the newsroom, the most experienced reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press, having started his career in Ontario in 1971.

He’s been covering education for the Free Press since the spring of 1997, after decades primarily covering municipal politics, including a four-year stint at the Ontario legislature for the London Free Press.

Nick moved to Manitoba in 1988 with his Winnipeg-born wife, who is a professor at the University of Manitoba. They have two kids, both of whom graduated from Grant Park High School: son Chris and daughter Gillian.

Nick has won a national journalism award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers, two Manitoba Human Rights Journalism awards, and the Ontario Reporters Association investigative award.

Nick is a long-distance runner, having finished and survived 18 marathons and 15 half-marathons and 30-kilometre races, and having (barely) survived 10 years as an outdoor and indoor soccer coach.

Nick became a soccer referee in 2007, delighting in his 60s in outrunning 16-year-olds and keeping his distance from obstreperous coaches and parents.

Nick and his wife have discovered a mutual love for kayaking at their Whiteshell cottage, and are both regulars at the Reh-Fit Centre. They hold season tickets to both the Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Warehouse, and as empty nesters, have rediscovered the joys of an active winter vacation.

A native of Jarrow-on-Tyne, England, Nick is a member of the Toon Army as a Newcastle United supporter, and a proud citizen of Leafs Nation.

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