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  • Easy money? No thanks

    I had a shot at some really easy cash money last week — even though I was on vacation in Upper Canada.

  • Go away for a week and look what happens

    Nancy Allan did a lot of good things for public education.

  • Intermission, and some soccer stuff

     I'm going to be away again, back just in time for WSD's forum on ward boundaries Oct. 28, and for We Day.

  • Math teacher puts me in my place

    This was a pretty unsual on-line contact for me — it came from a grown-up, someone who signed his name.

    It came from a high school math teacher. I won't print his name here, his school division may not think it's too cool to use the divisional email to conduct this kind of business, but if he wants to hit the comments section and identify himself, feel free.

  • One way media get exclusives

    I had thought Winnipeg School Division trustee Cathy Collins might have been joking when she told the board this week that the Toronto Globe and Mail had been given exclusive access to a warm and fuzzy event she’d just attended at Pinkham School.

  • NDP brings smile to grumpy old senior

    Premier Greg Selinger and Health Minister Theresa Oswald just gave me a belated 65th birthday present — a free abdominal ultrasound.

  • Game on, Mr. Schipper!

    We received our season tickets for your theatres, Steven — time we had a frank talk.

  • The real WSD work is done in secret

    It was an amazing statement, all the more appalling in its banality.

  • My apology to the feds

    I should apologize to federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose.

  • Hrynyk bides her time, and other exciting news

    Winnipeg School Division board meetings may become worth covering again this fall and could merit your taking a seat in the public gallery — only just not tonight.

  • Sorry, my bad

    To quote Peanuts, I am feeling somewhat akin to a fool.

  • It could be worse...

    I see by Academica Top Ten that the U of Alberta now has to chop $56 million out of its budget over two years, rather than three, because of severe cuts to provincial funding.

  • When your nest empties

    We’ve taken two kids to university for first year and watched each have one year in residence and then share a succession of houses.

  • Alas, varsity soccer won't go indoors

    Stop the presses, stop the presses, major soccer breaking news here.

  • Jim Rondeau, best you read this

    Jim Rondeau, I’m watching you.

  • Bad university news to our west

    Two more doom-ridden stories showed up on this morning’s Academica Top Ten roundup of postsecondary news.

  • Bide your time, eh?

    We're off today for the lake for the next 18 days...lots of kayaking and hiking ahead, and with luck, some of the spectacular Northern Lights we saw only once all of last year.

  • Hansard is like a box of chocolates

    The possible end of police in schools really jumped out at me from the voluminous pages of Hansard.

  • More Babinsky, and this time it's personal

    Try to keep in mind that Winnipeg School Division spends $365 million a year and educates one child in six in the public school system. The people involved in governance of this empire are all, biologically at least, adults.

  • Couch Surfers starts a new winning streak

    We just had a great evening last night with John from Wisconsin, our first Couch Surfer in ages. If he took my advice, he should be eating lunch at the Russell Inn right about now.

About Nick Martin

Nick Martin is the old bearded guy at the back of the newsroom, the most experienced reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press, having started his career in Ontario in 1971.

He’s been covering education for the Free Press since the spring of 1997, after decades primarily covering municipal politics, including a four-year stint at the Ontario legislature for the London Free Press.

Nick moved to Manitoba in 1988 with his Winnipeg-born wife, who is a professor at the University of Manitoba. They have two kids, both of whom graduated from Grant Park High School: son Chris and daughter Gillian.

Nick has won a national journalism award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers, two Manitoba Human Rights Journalism awards, and the Ontario Reporters Association investigative award.

Nick is a long-distance runner, having finished and survived 18 marathons and 15 half-marathons and 30-kilometre races, and having (barely) survived 10 years as an outdoor and indoor soccer coach.

Nick became a soccer referee in 2007, delighting in his 60s in outrunning 16-year-olds and keeping his distance from obstreperous coaches and parents.

Nick and his wife have discovered a mutual love for kayaking at their Whiteshell cottage, and are both regulars at the Reh-Fit Centre. They hold season tickets to both the Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Warehouse, and as empty nesters, have rediscovered the joys of an active winter vacation.

A native of Jarrow-on-Tyne, England, Nick is a member of the Toon Army as a Newcastle United supporter, and a proud citizen of Leafs Nation.

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