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  • Teacher/coaches, talk to me, eh?

    I wrote a story a few weeks ago that attracted considerable attention, about the number of top scholar-athletes who allegedly have used schools of choice to try to stack high school teams for a shot at a provincial championship.

  • WSD budget is top secret

    You’ll get your chance to address the Winnipeg School Division board on its budget right around the end of February, barely two weeks before the March 15 deadline for passing budgets.

  • Good news --- we've got hockey!!!

    Even if the Jets aren’t playing by April, you’ll still get some hockey.

  • Great kids from Churchill

    I’ve rarely enjoyed doing a story so much as Friday’s piece on the Duke of Marlborough Storm boys volleyball team from Churchill.

  • My heritage minute

    Saturday will be my 60th anniversary of being in Canada.

  • University recruiters invade the city

    Once again I’m off to Upper Canada, away for a week.

  • Dire times in Upper Canada, and other stuff

    I’ll be away for the next 10 days, returning to work Feb. 27, one of the costs of being empty-nesters and missing the children dearly — though we’ll try to cope.

  • You’re all still reading, aren’t you?

    Apparently, it’s I Love to Read Month in Manitoba schools.

  • Zabudsky makes headlines in Upper Canada

    Jeff Zabudsky was quite the mover and shaker during his relatively short time as president of Red River College, and now he’s aiming to be an ever more major player in Ontario postsecondary education.

  • Why school taxes are about to go up (part two)

    I put in what seemed like a simple request to the department of education — how much money do the school divisions have in surplus, and what percentage of their revenues does that represent?

  • Why school taxes are about to go up (part one)

    OK, so Education Minister Nancy Allan has vanhelsinged the tax incentive grant with a wooden stake through the heart.

  • A very troubled young man

    Sometimes I get bizarre emails, sometimes they’re utterly weird, but few are as troubling as the one I received from a young man who included his name and address.

  • Bizarre times continue in Thompson

    For the umpteenth time, Nancy, what in the world is going on in Thompson?

  • We strike out on Dalton’s promise

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s election promise of a 30 per cent rebate on university tuition sure sounded good, especially with child the younger going to school in Upper Canada.

  • Spreading confusion is what TIGgers do best

    The annual FRAME report is compelling reading for anyone who wants to know how Manitoba schools are spending $1.96 billion of public money this year.

  • Last rant for 2011

    I’ll be off until Jan. 2.

  • The city volleys it back

    The city finally got back to me, providing an explanation — of sorts — why registration for my Leisure Guide volleyball program at Carpathia School has gone up 54.6 per cent in four years.

  • That intriguing volleyball money

    This was the fastest I’ve ever signed up for Leisure Guide volleyball, 17 minutes, took just two ‘too busy’ tries before I got into the system, probably thanks to the city’s decision to hold swimming lessons registration a day before everything else.

  • Not political, Rita? Seriously?

    The Winnipeg School Division’s teachers’ union makes the extraordinary claim that students are a year behind in math and language arts by the time they finish Grade 6, and school board chair Rita Hildahl won’t talk about it because it’s not a political issue?!?!?!

  • Allan takes a pass on getting involved

    An aide to Education Minister Nancy Allan told me the minister would have nothing to say on the rather Bizarro-world job search for a new high school principal in Thompson.

About Nick Martin

Nick Martin is the old bearded guy at the back of the newsroom, the most experienced reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press, having started his career in Ontario in 1971.

He’s been covering education for the Free Press since the spring of 1997, after decades primarily covering municipal politics, including a four-year stint at the Ontario legislature for the London Free Press.

Nick moved to Manitoba in 1988 with his Winnipeg-born wife, who is a professor at the University of Manitoba. They have two kids, both of whom graduated from Grant Park High School: son Chris and daughter Gillian.

Nick has won a national journalism award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers, two Manitoba Human Rights Journalism awards, and the Ontario Reporters Association investigative award.

Nick is a long-distance runner, having finished and survived 18 marathons and 15 half-marathons and 30-kilometre races, and having (barely) survived 10 years as an outdoor and indoor soccer coach.

Nick became a soccer referee in 2007, delighting in his 60s in outrunning 16-year-olds and keeping his distance from obstreperous coaches and parents.

Nick and his wife have discovered a mutual love for kayaking at their Whiteshell cottage, and are both regulars at the Reh-Fit Centre. They hold season tickets to both the Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Warehouse, and as empty nesters, have rediscovered the joys of an active winter vacation.

A native of Jarrow-on-Tyne, England, Nick is a member of the Toon Army as a Newcastle United supporter, and a proud citizen of Leafs Nation.

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