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  • Wooing me as a senior-in-training

    Nothing grabs me as a voter these days more than seeing the magic word senior in the party’s promise.

  • A doctoral grudge

    I’ve blown a chance at a major story, and now my less-than-impeccable source is seeking out other media to shop her story.

  • A candidate offers me a job

    This election just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

  • Encountering candidates in unexpected places

    I was leaving my soccer match Saturday afternoon, walking back to my car on the street in behind Glenlawn Collegiate, when someone in a car that had pulled up alongside me started calling my name.

  • Treating $1.9 billion simplistically

    As impossible as it is to explain Manitoba’s convoluted, complex, confusing, complicated and confounding public education funding formula at a voter’s doorstep, the provincial leaders are trying to flog simplistic funding promises.

  • Another university, and many soccer rants

    Once again I’m off, returning to work Sept. 6, driving with child the elder to the University of Victoria, where he’s starting law school.

  • Daniel Mac grad now the prez

    Jim Madder is the latest grad of Daniel Mac to make it big.

  • Adventures in trusteeland

    You’ve really got to wonder about the future of school boards in Manitoba.

  • Kids, be healthy in old age

    So today I've made it to 63, the age at which my father dropped dead of a heart attack.

  • A message from one medium

    The recent big piece I did on the centenary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth drew one of the largest positive email responses I can remember in quite a while.

  • Hitting the road, grabbing my paddle

    I’m off on vacation, returning to work Aug. 2. Lots of kayaking ahead, some hiking in the woods, a lot of swimming, and a whole pile of books.

  • Thompson chapter 874

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record (ask your grandparents): Nancy, what in the world is going on in Thompson?

  • Yearning for a winter junket to balmy Edmonton

    I’ve been dealing for more than a year now with a University of Alberta researcher who wanted me to be a resource for a project looking at the communications strategies of both U of A and the University of Manitoba.

  • Still no salvation for Ward 1 voters

    I’m feeling appallingly disenfranchised, denied my rightful democratic representation.

  • The joy of running in old age

    I'll be running the half marathon on Sunday, my 13th, and yes, they'll be timing me with a calendar, not a stopwatch.

  • Should I wear a wire?

    Someone got in touch with me recently about an allegedly undeserved PhD awarded locally a couple of decades ago.

  • Your election fever will just have to wait

    Winnipeg School Division still has not set a date for the Ward 1 byelection to replace Joyce Bateman, who resigned her school board seat upon becoming a Tory MP for Winnipeg South Centre.

  • Teachers and money

    Flin Flon has about 80 teachers and only four schools, but the four-year deal they’ve reached with their trustees could have profound effects on public school financing throughout Manitoba.

  • Precious times for parents

    We’ve got our family together once again.

  • Silent student leaders

    That’s a pretty nifty move that universities have made, being transparent and open and inclusive, welcoming everyone inside the tent, giving everyone a say in how the university operates, and all the while coincidentally and surely accidentally stifling dissent.

About Nick Martin

Nick Martin is the old bearded guy at the back of the newsroom, the most experienced reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press, having started his career in Ontario in 1971.

He’s been covering education for the Free Press since the spring of 1997, after decades primarily covering municipal politics, including a four-year stint at the Ontario legislature for the London Free Press.

Nick moved to Manitoba in 1988 with his Winnipeg-born wife, who is a professor at the University of Manitoba. They have two kids, both of whom graduated from Grant Park High School: son Chris and daughter Gillian.

Nick has won a national journalism award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers, two Manitoba Human Rights Journalism awards, and the Ontario Reporters Association investigative award.

Nick is a long-distance runner, having finished and survived 18 marathons and 15 half-marathons and 30-kilometre races, and having (barely) survived 10 years as an outdoor and indoor soccer coach.

Nick became a soccer referee in 2007, delighting in his 60s in outrunning 16-year-olds and keeping his distance from obstreperous coaches and parents.

Nick and his wife have discovered a mutual love for kayaking at their Whiteshell cottage, and are both regulars at the Reh-Fit Centre. They hold season tickets to both the Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Warehouse, and as empty nesters, have rediscovered the joys of an active winter vacation.

A native of Jarrow-on-Tyne, England, Nick is a member of the Toon Army as a Newcastle United supporter, and a proud citizen of Leafs Nation.

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