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  • Joe Firefighter

    The reputation of Winnipeg firefighters has taken a major hit in recent weeks after news of a so-called “sex tryst” became public.

  • Igniting the violence

    It serves as the fuel for organized crime - and Winnipeggers are consuming it at an alarming rate.
  • An innocent victim

    It had been less than 48 hours since they received the devastating news – Cheryl Robert had been shot dead at a Winnipeg wedding social.
  • Got your winter vacation planned yet?

    For the sixth straight year, justice reporter/national broadcaster/true crime author Mike McIntyre and his wife, Chassity, are proud to be hosting a tropical winter vacation to paradise – and you’re invited to come along!

  • Crimestoppers videos

  • Shopping mall justice

    Is it any wonder why the public has so little faith in the justice system?
  • Twitter-gate

    The wheels of justice may move slowly, but technology is ensuring that court and crime stories travel faster than ever down the information highway.
  • TJ's gift

    First off, my apologies for being a bad blogger. I’ve neglected this forum a bit over the past few weeks while playing with the shiny new technological toy that is Twitter.
  • Tweet, tweet

    You can’t fight technology. And so, after a few weeks of peer pressure from my colleague, Bruce Owen, I’ve joined the online revolution known as “Twitter”.
  • Club Fed

    Somewhat overshadowed by this week’s news of convicted cop killer Laurie Bell being re-arrested for a parole violation was the following little nugget from the jail guard she’s alleged to be romantically linked to.
  • Did 12-year-old killer have a fighting chance?

    Is it possible to feel sorry for someone who commits one of the most vile and senseless killings you'll ever hear about?
  • A new low?

    Has our thirst for celebrity "infotainment" hit a new low? That's the question I'm asking today after some low-life leaked a picture of pop singer Rihanna to the TMZ website which shows her battered and bruised face following an alleged case of domestic violence.
  • Too quick to judge

    The justice system isn't perfect. Far from it.
  • Justice delayed, justice denied?

    He is deaf, nearly blind, suffers from a disease similar to Alzheimer's and is 93-years-old. And on Tuesday, he narrowly escaped going to prison.
  • One of Winnipeg's lost souls

    Jonathon Dorion is one of the lost souls in Winnipeg. The homeless man has been arrested a staggering 328 times under the Inxtoxicated Persons Detention Act. He's racked up another 82 criminal convictions, mostly for petty nuisance offences and breaching court orders. He's been sniffing solvents since he was seven-years-old. And when he's not in jail, his home is usually the cold interior of a U-Haul truck.
  • Reader mail

    Jail riots, drunk drivers and drugs...just a few of the topics that have some readers riled up lately.
  • Stories that touched me

    Two thousand and eight marked my 13th year of covering crime for this fine newspaper. It also represented one of the busiest, most shocking and most heart-wrenching years I’ve ever experienced.
  • 'Tis the Season....for scams

    It's a familiar scenario - a greedy Grinch takes advantage of the public's collective goodwill in an attempt to stuff their own proverbial stockings.
  • Failing our fellow man

    It was a troubling scene: an elderly man, crawling on all fours down a frozen sidewalk, his glasses hanging off his face, clearly injured and disoriented, unable to stand up.
  • What were they thinking?

    The Manitoba justice system, Winnipeg police and RCMP have shown an amazing lack of consistency this week in the way two tragic impaired driving cases have been handled.

About Mike McIntyre

Journalist, national radio show host, author, pundit and cruise director ... Mike McIntyre loves to keep busy.

Mike is the justice reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press, where he has worked since 1997. He produces and hosts the weekly talk radio show Crime and Punishment, which runs on the Corus Radio Network in several Canadian cities.

Born and bred in Winnipeg, Mike graduated from River East Collegiate and completed his journalism studies in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.

He and his wife, Chassity, have two children.


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