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  • Axel the Chopper?

    A few days ago I did a piece on the Winnipeg Police Service’s new helicopter.

  • McFadyen’s new TV ad

    This landed in my inbox not that long ago:

  • The Bubble and the Oct. 4 provincial vote

    Two things seemingly unrelated, but not in my mind.

  • Tory math on Bipole III explained

    The cost difference between west side line vs. east side line is an estimated $3.62 billion. East Side: $788 million ($600 million for the line, plus $188 million for licensing) West Side: $4.1 billion plus $300 million line losses (the value of the energy lost in transit via a longer route).

  • The (protest) Sounds of Silence

    NDP political operatives have been telling anybody who will listen for nearly a week that the Tories and the hog farmers have made a secret pact on Lake Winnipeg.

  • Cottage flooding

    This weekend I took a bike ride through Wanasing near Victoria Beach on Lake Winnipeg.

  • Sidewalks are safer

    I’ve been trying lately to ride my bike as often as I can to work.

  • Wisconsin's wind

    A few days ago Manitoba Hydro's Bob Brennan told me one of the hurdles the Crown corporation faces in selling more power to the United States is competition from American wind farms.

  • Lake Manitoba and things to come

    As a cottager, I can’t imagine for a second what folks at Twin Lakes Beach, Delta, Sandpiper, Dauphin Lake, Oak Lake and everyone else who lives, works and plays along the shores of our lakes, are going through.

  • Bipole III: $11,000 vs $13.68

    Here's a partial transcript of what happened Monday night at the legislative building.

  • ‘Paging Gord Steeves'

    Will he or won’t he?

  • Manitoba Hydro: Tell Your Story Better

    I spend a few moments each day, some moments are longer than others some days, reading and writing about Manitoba Hydro.

  • Gary Who?

    There was a time not that long where the NDP was worried about two things: Bipole III and no one knew who the heck Greg Selinger was.

  • The Black Swan

    The Public Utilities Board is slowly winding down its mega-hearing into Manitoba Hydro, and whether the Crown corporation has done a proper job of studying what could wrong in the next 10 years as it plans to spend $20 billion to build two new dams to sell more surplus power to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • Steeves vs. Oswald? Let’s get it on

    It’s been almost a month since the provincial Tories spring dinner, but the chatter continues.

  • Gord Steeves, Tory candidate?

    Watch this video from the Progressive Conservative’s spring dinner a couple of weeks ago and tell me what you think.

  • Beaches, buses and Scary Monsters

    So the NDP will spend $100,000 on studying how the beaches at Victoria Beach can be saved by high water levels and big waves. Freep reporter Bill Redekop and shooter Joe Bryksa covered the story in Thursday’s Free Press.
  • Hydro & Minnesota: Power chums

    We've heard a lot about Manitoba Hydro over the past couple of years.

  • Women make inroads, still have a ways to go

    They may make up only 18 of the 55 members (there are two vacancies) in the Manitoba legislature, but it can be argued that never have women played so prominent a role in the provincial government.

  • Cop chopper eye in the sky

    Someone told me a couple of days ago about an interesting benefit of the Winnipeg Police Service’s new helicopter.

About Larry Kusch and Bruce Owen

Larry Kusch has been a journalist for 30 years, the last 20 with the Winnipeg Free Press. His is one of the newspaper's two legislative bureau reporters.

Raised on a Saskatchewan farm, he received an honours journalism degree from Carleton University in 1975.

At the Free Press, Larry has also worked as a general assignment reporter, business reporter, copy editor and assistant city editor.

Bruce Owen joined the Winnipeg Free Press in 1990 after four years working in other media.

He's worked in a number of positions at the Freep, including pet columnist, assistant city editor and police reporter. Right now he takes up space at the Manitoba legislature.

Bruce is one of five reporters who won a National Newspaper Award for the paper’s coverage of the 1997 Flood of the Century. He's also the recipient of the 1996 Volunteer Centre of Winnipeg Media Golden Hand Award and the 1995 Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Media Commendation Award.

In a past life Bruce worked at YMCA-YWCA Camp Stephens. He has a blog where he and others write about camp and the people who worked and played there.

You can also find Bruce on Twitter where he posts and retweets all sorts of stuff.

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