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  • Cop chopper to fly soon Part II

    A couple of days ago I wondered aloud if Winnipeg’s 75 per cent drop in auto theft in the past few years has meant a similar decline in the number of high-speed police chases.

  • Cop chopper to fly soon

    Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill told me late last week the new police helicopter should be in the air in early December.

  • Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba Hydro

    I went to Victoria Beach on the weekend to see for myself the damage left behind from the Oct. 27 storm.

  • What Wednesday means for Oct. 4, 2011

    Folks in the provincial wing of the NDP are watching Wednesday’s civic election for more than just how well Judy Wasylycia-Leis does against Sam Katz.

  • Manitoba and Saskatchewan on same page on MS? You decide

    Health Minister Theresa Oswald suggested at a news conference last Friday that there wasn't a lot of difference between her province's approach to the so-called 'liberation treatment' for multiple sclerosis sufferers and that of neighbouring Saskatchewan.

  • Good news that fell through the cracks

    The other day I went to a news conference in the city’s North End about the RBC Foundation’s role in keeping at-risk kids in school.

  • Will there be patio lanterns?

    For the past few weeks a work crew has been hard at it building an outdoor patio outside our office window at the legislative building.

  • Manitoba politics book launch

    The University of Manitoba Press is set to release a new book that examines Manitoba politics, specifically what's happened over the past 40 years and what's made us who we are as a province.

  • Of sweaty Mennonites and Rush's snub

    I try to use Twitter and Facebook to connect both with readers and old friends.

  • Streetcar Backtracks update

    On Sept. 19 more than a few people showed up for a special screening of Backtracks at Cinematheque.

  • Manitoba Hydro vs. The Whistleblower: Chapter 602

    A notice from the Manitoba's Public Utilities Board landed on our desks late Monday afternoon.

  • Black coffee, Curtis, Brian and James

    And Facebook, Twitter and Menno, too.

  • Dear Vic, I can be your patsy, too

    Dear Vic;

  • Hell's Clubhouse

    So what will become of the Hells Angels clubhouse on Scotia?

  • Go Sam Go

    Here’s some cheap advice for Sam Katz as he campaigns to keep his job as mayor:

    Sam, maybe you or one of your minions should give Paul Soubry  over at New Flyer Industries a dingle.

    Like, before you buy a bunch of electric street cars.

    Just give Soubry a call and say, “Hey, let’s do coffee,” so the two of you can chat about what New Flyer is doing in Cleveland and Halifax and Ottawa with its swanky buses  being built right here in River City.

    And maybe, just maybe, you can do another rapid transit newser, but this time to say that you’re gonna support a local company and create jobs for local people, instead of spending millions on something we got rid of in the 1950s because they were so unreliable and so freaking cold in the winter.

    Your pal, Bruce

    (P.S. Thanks again for the Stones tickets in ’94).


  • NDP crapshooters

    Two words I hadn’t heard in my life until this spring? Sewage ejectors.

  • Photo radar poll

    I’ve covered the photo radar in Winnipeg since its very beginning almost 10 years ago.

  • “Stand and deliver!”

    There was a Monty Pythonesque moment in question period the other day (OK, insert your own joke here) when the opposition Tories accused Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers of behaving like Robin Hood when it came to the NDP’s treatment of the family farm, and how the government is trying to whittle down spending to deal with the deficit.

  • The Jets and my brain

    All this stuff about the NHL and the future of the Phoenix Coyotes brought back all those memories I thought I had snuffed out.

  • What’s Jon thinking?

    So there we were on Tuesday sitting up in the legislature press box for question period wondering when things might actually get interesting.

About Larry Kusch and Bruce Owen

Larry Kusch has been a journalist for 30 years, the last 20 with the Winnipeg Free Press. His is one of the newspaper's two legislative bureau reporters.

Raised on a Saskatchewan farm, he received an honours journalism degree from Carleton University in 1975.

At the Free Press, Larry has also worked as a general assignment reporter, business reporter, copy editor and assistant city editor.

Bruce Owen joined the Winnipeg Free Press in 1990 after four years working in other media.

He's worked in a number of positions at the Freep, including pet columnist, assistant city editor and police reporter. Right now he takes up space at the Manitoba legislature.

Bruce is one of five reporters who won a National Newspaper Award for the paper’s coverage of the 1997 Flood of the Century. He's also the recipient of the 1996 Volunteer Centre of Winnipeg Media Golden Hand Award and the 1995 Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Media Commendation Award.

In a past life Bruce worked at YMCA-YWCA Camp Stephens. He has a blog where he and others write about camp and the people who worked and played there.

You can also find Bruce on Twitter where he posts and retweets all sorts of stuff.

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