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  • Now THAT is a handshake

    We all know sports stars are famous for their game rituals and the Winnipeg Jets are no different. We got a peek at the not-so-secret secret handshake some of the players participate in before every game.

  • Top Videos 2011 - From Lake Manitoba to Lady Maria

    Five big stories dominated our video hits this year: The new airport terminal, Maria Aragon, the Jets return, the spring flood and the new Bombers stadium.

  • Winnipeg's 89-year-old comedian

    The Winnipeg's Gone Wacky competition is on again this year and voters have picked the 10 finalists who will compete for the title of Winnipeg's Wackiest Amateur Comedian 2011, in front of a live audience at Essence Nightclub on November 24.

  • Maria Aragon vs. James Richardson

    Together these two names are responsible for an impressive 10% of all of our video views this year.

  • Watch this video

    I read a series of posts on Carnival of Journalism recently pertaining to the future of online video. The general consensus among the journalists contributing to the post is that no one knows where to go with online video journalism, and I assure you, I don't have that answer either.

  • Reporting with the iPhone 4

    Since the release of the iPhone 4 nearly a year ago, media organizations have been spending a lot of time talking about the benefits of such a device for newsgathering. It's a vast improvement on the 3GS in terms video quality. Going from 640 x 480 pixels to 1280 x 720 instantly made video producers like myself stand up and finally take a look at the iPhone for video newsgathering.

  • Duct tape aids in flood video

    Columnist Lindor Reynolds, photographer Joe Bryksa and I got a chance on Wednesday to take an aerial tour of the Red River Valley flood zone. It's an amazing site to view from above the sea of water that has surrounded communities like Morris and St. Jean Baptiste.

  • We're reinventing the wheel

    It's getting down to the wire. The Winnipeg Free Press News Café is days from opening. From inside those floor to ceiling glass walls our video team (of two) will be producing live streaming content on We will have a setup in place that will allow us to go live any time that news breaks. We'll be able to do live hits from the field, over the phone interviews and Skype calls. We'll eventually be doing full fledged, multi-camera live programming.

  • QR codes: They're officially everywhere

    Have you heard of this cool QR code technology the kids are talking about? It's not really that new, but it seems to be catching on with the masses these days.

  • Our top viewed videos of 2010

    Depending on the kind of week it's been, I sometimes try to avoid checking out our video view numbers. This is because if there has been a series of bad car crashes, without a doubt, they'll garner the biggest hits of the week. I'm not sure why that is, but I guess it's the same reason people slow down and rubberneck at an accident.

  • Those blasted cannons

    Did you notice the explosions occurring in downtown Winnipeg on Tuesday?

  • Election night history

    For the first time in its history the Winnipeg Free Press provided wall to wall live video coverage of a major event - the 2010 Civic Election.

  • Election overload? Watch this.

    There's a civic election campaign happening right now in Winnipeg and the Free Press has been providing our loyal readers (and viewers) with wall to wall coverage, including live streaming video of every mayoral debate and forum.

  • Kudos to the Gabba gang

    For the first time on my life as a parent, I was looking forward to a kids show just as much as my three-year-old son (Okay, maybe more).

  • Bezan & his horse Woody

    Funny thing about You Tube. When you post a clip on the video sharing service, make sure you really, really want it there.  Once it's out there, it's out there for good. See: Lap dance, teacher

  • Katz in LPGA Pro-Am, no injuries

    Mayor Sam Katz took part in the Pro-Am event at the CN Canadian Open Wednesday at St. Charles Golf and Country Club.

  • Picken's questions of the day

    Winnipeg sportscasting legend Bob Picken didn't hold back as he peppered last year's Canadian Open champion Suzann Petterson with hard-hitting questions at the players press conference today.

  • Super Freepy to the rescue

    Did anyone else see the skinny guy in blue and white tights and a mask rappelling down the RBC building Thursday afternoon?

  • Good-bye, Beer Cup Snake

    Well, we hardly knew ya, Beer Cup Snake. After two games, the infamous cup monster has been laid to rest by the Blue Bombers brass.

  • Kinect: Creative advertising


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After a short but successful stint on CKND-TV's The Great Spelling Bee in 1993, Tyler Walsh knew the bright lights of television were in his future. That was before the World Wide Web came along. He lived the dream for five years, working as a news producer at Global Television in Winnipeg. Never one to back away from a challenge, Tyler left the TV business behind and joined the Winnipeg Free Press in 2008 as the company's first Multimedia Editor. He's worked with the online team and photo department to shape and grow the video product at, which now includes live streaming video, documentary features and live and interactive events from Canada's first News Café, which is where you'll find Tyler and other members of the online team. Feel free to drop by 237 McDermot Avenue and engage Tyler in conversation about one of three topics: Video editing, curling or Star Trek.


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