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  • MP newsletters are kosher

    In recent days, three different voters in three different ridings have contacted the Free Press about MP newsletters arriving in mailboxes days or weeks after the election campaign began. The first to arrive, the week after the writ was dropped, was a “tax guide” from Provencher MP Vic Toews. A couple of days after that, reader Ian Wallace says he got another, more partisan mail-out from Toews that was mailed at government cost.

  • Wally takes swipes at Niki

    If it weren’t so Mean Girls, this (click here) might be kind of funny. Churchill Tory candidate Wally Daudrich is burning up his bandwidth with some familiar, if bush-league, swipes at NDP MP Niki Ashton.

  • Manitoba platforms wanted

    I was chatting with former federal cabinet minister Lloyd Axworthy recently about electoral reform and he mentioned that, back in his day as an MP, the Liberals would release a Manitoba-specific platform, with a list of promises and positions on local issues.

  • Iggy makes a funny

    This is possibly the best election ad of the campaign so far. The Twitterverse appears to be in love with it for its hipster humour and the speed with which the Grits got it made. I especially like the amalgamation of old-school Frankenstein-style grunting with Terminator-style cyborg face recognition software.

  • Strategic voting in St. B

    A group calling themselves Catch 22 is looking to foment strategic voting in 40 ridings across Canada in a bid to oust Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. They appear to be a grassroots group of lefties and they’ve earned a little press since they launched their campaign late last week.

  • Tale of two rallies

    I'm a couple of days late, but I've been thinking about the contrasts between Prime Minister Stephen Harper's rally in Winnipeg Tuesday and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's town hall the following night.

  • Is that Tory a Dipper?

    They might be riding high in the polls but the provincial Tories keep getting dragged down north of Winnipeg.

  • Trumped by Manitoba Lotteries

    Polls paid for by taxpayers are supposed to be public, according to a lot of crowing about the province's new-ish access to information act.

  • An election is coming!

    Here’s how I know: Premier Greg Selinger is more in-your-face than Maria Aragon. He has made seven announcements this week, including one about a literacy award this afternoon.
  • McFadyen sets the table

    Along with five other nerds in the province, I sometimes spend quiet Fridays skimming the transcripts of legislative committee hearings. More often than not, I read Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen doing his courtroom drama thing and questioning a senior official like the head of Elections Manitoba. Often, I wonder what the hell the guy is on about. Then, a few weeks or months later, I figure it out, and the questions and answers become extremely useful.

  • The Tories bash back

    Wowza. Now that’s what I call an effective attack ad.

  • Nancy Allan, fix this

    Call it a case of delayed outrage, but I cannot believe the Winnipeg School Division doesn’t release agendas and reports before its regular meetings. This is, put simply, an affront to modern principles of open and accountable government. When Winnipeg city hall kicks your butt on the “open and accountable” front, you know you’ve got a problem.

  • Iggy on the Filipino vote

    Winnipeg North Tory candidate Julie Javier issued a press release yesterday evening saying it’s “regrettable” that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff suggested her candidacy is a game designed to sway Liberal Filipino voters.

  • A bright spot in a crap campaign

    Every election, reporters meet one or two gem candidates who probably won't win, but totally should. I was overdue for such a moment, in a campaign dominated by Sam n' Judy sniping, endless nastiness in River Heights and inconsequential issues like concrete barriers. This campaign hasn't exactly filled one with faith in the virtues of civic engagement.

  • Shindleman and Kowalson

    The blogosphere and the Freep’s comment section have been murmuring about the connection between River Heights-Fort Garry candidate Michael Kowalson and Sandy Shindleman, arguably the city’s most powerful developer.

  • Is Justin in trouble?

    St. Norbert Coun. Justin Swandel sure got an earful from crabby Fort Richmond residents last night at an open house about the new stadium. He was buttonholed and peppered with questions and he barely got a word in edgewise.

  • NDP leadership vote revisited

    This time last year, Bruce Owen, Larry Kusch and I were spending many a leafy night crammed into community clubs and school gyms covering the bungle that was the provincial NDP’s leadership process, the one that made Premier Greg Selinger premier. It was fun and messy and there was lots of talk about ditching the delegated voting system. A year later, that talk has fizzled.

  • Two Dan Mac bits

    I know everyone is talking about the Kory/Sam weirdness, but I have two colourful quotes from the Daniel McIntyre ward race that didn't fit in the paper  that I can't bear to waste.

  • Why press conferences don’t always suck

    I covered a routine federal-provincial back-patty press conference this morning to inaugurate a new lab at Canadian Mennonite University. It’s certainly good news for students, but it’s barely a B4 brief. I think my boss sent me in case Premier Selinger accidentally split the atom with the new Bunsen burners or something.

  • Selinger's thesis goes AWOL

    Just for fun, I’ve been trying for a few months to get a copy of Premier Greg Selinger’s doctoral thesis, the one he wrote as a student at the prestigious London School of Economics.

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Mary Agnes Welch joined the Free Press in 2002, first as a general assignment reporter and then covering city hall and the Manitoba legislature before moving to her current post as public policy reporter.

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Mary Agnes is a graduate of Columbia University’s journalism school, has won several Western Ontario Newspaper Awards and has been part of two teams of reporters nominated for a Michener Award. In 2011, she was nominated for a National Newspaper Award in the beat category. She is also the former national president of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

She once misspelled "Shih Tzu" in the paper and received 37 emails from angry dog-owners.


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