August 2, 2015

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Aug 2 9:50 am

Warm and windy weather on the way

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:38 am

Harper says if he started campaigning and didn't call the election he would be criticized.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:34 am

Harper says his party's financial advantage exists whether he calls #election2015 today or not. This way cMaligning is done by the law.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:27 am

Harper neglects to note taxpayers will pay for half the parties costs now that the campaign is starting.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 2 9:27 am

Harper says since he was going to start campaigning now it's important it's paid for by parties not taxpayers.

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