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  • Do not go gentle, Lil

    I know everyone is shaking their heads at the moderately preposterous idea of Lillian Thomas running for mayor. She’s been a councillor for two decades and she holds her seat easily but she’s best known for being marginal and screechy.

  • Ghettoization

    APTN did an in-depth bit last night on the idea of an Aboriginal school division and had a really good interview with Prof. Brock Pitawanakwat from the U of W’s Aboriginal Governance department.

  • Whistlebungle

    If I was a whistleblower sitting on explosive evidence of government mismanagement, I would just pull the covers over my head and go into eternal hibernation.

  • Just say yes, Mr. Schroeder

    Sometimes Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen gets a little too lawyerly at committee hearings, wasting time trying to get obvious stuff on the public record, like he’s deposing someone for a civil suit.

  • Cranky town

    We all just got the program for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities’ annual convention in Brandon later this month. That sounds fairly routine and usually is, except when the towns debate a new deal-style sales tax like they did last time.

  • Concordia scuttlebutt

    Add a guy named Jagdev Buttar to the list of rumoured candidates for Gary Doer’s old seat in Concordia.

  • Tiny defence of the WRHA

    I can’t argue with a single word Policy Frog says about the confused way the WRHA has communicated and delivered its H1N1 vaccination program.

  • Tiny bit more cabinet spec

    Yellow Snow has made some very reasonable cabinet shuffle predictions. I specifically agree that Stan Struthers would be a good fit in Ag and Nancy Allan in edumacation.

  • That didn't take long

    About an hour after Greg Selinger was voted the new leader of the NDP, the Tories issued an e-mail blast slagging the guy.

  • Delegate debacle

    This quote from the Selinger camp in

    Bruce and Larry’s story
  • Peep at the lameness

    The Doer government just issued a press release about how it’s got a new program to fund peepholes for seniors.

  • MYND

    Last night’s Manitoba Young New Democrats delegate selection meeting in the bowels of the U of W was pretty neat, if only because the meeting actually started on time, the votes were counted before midnight and there was some yelling.

  • Indo Outrage

    Here’s an interesting update on last night’s big NDP delegate selection meeting in Inkster: Despite his barn-burner of a speech, subtly accusing some NDPers of, at best, being snotty toward new members and, at worst, being a bit racist, leadership hopeful Steve Ashton didn’t actually pick up many delegates.

  • Ride the Pony

    Doer is widely expected to attend tonight's delegate selection meeting in Concordia, one of the 13 Super Thursday meetings that might give us a better snapshot of each candidate's support. The Concordia meeting will be the first of many Doer love-ins, I bet. How do I know? The event is being catered by the Pony Corral.

  • Shrink-ocracy

    Yellow Snow made some interesting observations about the fatness of NDP party rolls. Recently, a longtime NDPer was telling me about memberships in the Schreyer/Pawley years – 25,000, and the unwritten rule was that no general election would be called unless the membership list topped that. Same in Saskatchewan’s NDP. No vote unless there were 35,000 members.

  • Swan's song

    Amid the bedlam of last night's delegate selection meeting, there were a couple of neat things. At first, one neat thing was the informality of it all. It was kind of earthy and grassrootsy -- which can degenerate into anarchy pretty fast.

  • Thoughts on Gay-gate

    Stu Murray, the former head of the provincial Tories and the new boss of the Canadian Human Rights Museum is having a rough start in his new job. He's come under fire from gay and lesbian groups for voting against extending adoption rights back in the day, and not having a particularly well-prepared explanation for how that jibes with being an international advocate for human rights. In a speedy bit of damage control, it sounds like Murray and the human rights museum folks are meeting ASAP with anyone remotely gay to smooth things over, as well they should.

  • Oswald for Preem

    What the heck happened to Health Minister Theresa Oswald? She’s always been a fairly smart and capable minister, but she often comes across a little tentative and jargon-y in scrums and in Question Period.

  • Gay rights

    Former Tory Leader Stu Murray, named today to head up the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, is among the nicest guys in Manitoba politics. But one wouldn’t call him a hardcore human rights activist a la Nelson Mandela.

  • Dismissive Doer

    Something’s been niggling me about how Premier Gary Doer reacted to part of the 1999 campaign finance hubbub.

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Mary Agnes Welch joined the Free Press in 2002, first covering city hall and then the Manitoba legislature before moving to her current post as public policy reporter. Before Winnipeg, she worked at the Windsor Star and the Odessa American, a small daily newspaper in West Texas. There, in addition to covering more than 20 counties, she took high school football scores from coaches all over West Texas by phone every Friday night.

Mary Agnes is a graduate of Columbia University’s journalism school. She has been part of two teams of reporters nominated for a Michener Award. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 she was nominated for a National Newspaper Award in the beat category.

She was a Southam journalism fellow at the University of Toronto’s Massey College in 2012-13, where she studied indigenous issues, urban planning and political science. She is also the former national president of the Canadian Association of Journalists and has served on several boards.

She once misspelled "Shih Tzu" in the paper and received 37 emails from angry dog-owners.


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