Marco Carreira

  • The way to make 'em pay

    The only poker show I really liked watching was High Stakes Poker, unfortunately it was cancelled after Norm Macdonald took over as host. In fairness to the show, he was absolutely terrible. During the last season, there were a few interesting hands that caught my attention, but there was definitely one in particular I thought I would discuss.
  • Pot-control pitfalls

    Playing for pot control is one of the main reasons the game has got tougher over the past few years. The reason? Players have got smarter and aren’t stacking off as quickly as before. In the past, it was very common for players to stack off after flopping top pair, top kicker in cash games, whereas today if you play back at someone with this type of hand, they are much more inclined to just call your raise instead of inflating the pot while holding a one-pair hand.
  • Why'd ya bet?

    Poker is a game of skill (even though the U.S. Government doesn't think so) and because of this, in order to succeed, there must be a reason behind every decision you make. Players normally bet because they feel they have the best hand. There are times, however, that by making a bet you will only get worse hands to fold and better hands to call. So what is the point of betting?
  • Playing big

    What's the best way to play a draw to the nuts while out of position? Well in poker there are several different ways to play the same hand, but there are certain factors you should take into account while determining your course of action. For me, the most important thing is stack sizes. Knowing how much your opponents have in front of them is a key factor in determining my approach in the hand. In fact, not understanding stack sizes is one of the biggest leaks bad or inexperienced players have, in my opinion.
  • Slow rolling the nuts

    In one of my first columns, almost two years ago, I talked about slow rolling and how it is a shady thing to do. Well just as I thought I had seen it all, I quickly realized I hadn't. For a quick reminder, a slow roll is when you take extra time to call an all-in bet when you are holding the nuts.
  • How do you tame a monster?

    Anyone who has ever played poker knows how hard it is to make a hand. So hard in fact that it is not uncommon to play three- or four-hour sessions and never really get or make a hand. So how can you get away from your hand when you finally flop a monster but you think you might be beat? Well let's try to find out. This week I played two hands that were a couple of pretty ugly setups.
  • They're in the running

    Who will be the next WSOP (World Series of Poker) champion? It will take a few months to find out, but the WSOP main event has started this weekend, and someone's life is about to change forever. The main event has started and with that come high hopes and shattered dreams. With such a large field, the number of good things a player has to have happen to him in order to make a deep run is incredible. In the end, however, someone is going to win and become the new world champion.


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